Apink's Chorong accused of bullying and assault as victim claims she has proof: 'She slapped and kicked me'

The alleged victim has shared horrific details of the incident stating how she was beaten up by the K-pop star Chorong

                            Apink's Chorong accused of bullying and assault as victim claims she has proof: 'She slapped and kicked me'
Apink's Chorong has been accused of assaulting a woman (A Pink Chorong Instagram)

Bullying allegations against Apink’s Chorong took a new turn after an anonymous accuser claimed that the person has a phone recording as proof of the claims. The accuser has opened up about the alleged physical abuse and harassment, revealing disturbing details. She said the K-pop star ‘dragged’ her in an alleyway and ‘slapped’ her on the cheek. The victim of the incident had suffered a number of injuries, including swelling to the face and bruises all over her body, she claimed.

Earlier, K-pop idol Chorong filed a lawsuit against a childhood for allegedly defaming the star by spreading "false information and attempted coercion". A statement from Apink Chorong’s agency wrote, “Kim,” who was Park Chorong’s childhood friend, recently contacted her in a threatening manner. Using Chorong’s situation of being relatively known to the public, “Kim” threatened to expose completely false claims such as violence and about her private life and coerced her to retire from the entertainment industry.


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Apink's Chorong has been accused of physically abusing a victim (A Pink Chorong Instagram)

Accusations against Apink's Chorong

The alleged victim has shared horrific details of the incident stating how she was beaten by the K-pop star. The victim told a Korean publication, "When I was 18 back in 2008, I met Chorong on a street in Sachang-dong. I smiled at her, but she glared at me. Later, her friends told me, 'Hey, Chorong wants to beat you up', and dragged me to an alleyway. Chorong told me, 'I didn't like the way you smiled at me' and slapped me on the cheek. She also kicked me in the shin." Later, Chorong's friends allegedly assaulted the victim in the head, shoulders and back, and the person suffered severe bruises all over her body along with swelling to the face. 


The accuser claimed that when Apink's Chorong debuted, the person messaged her asking for an apology but later she was sued for spreading false information. She also had to go through a police investigation and Apink's label wanted to 'brush off' the incident as an anti-fan work, the report claimed. Later, Chorong had a phone conversation where she curtly said sorry to the said victim and when the accuser demanded a full official apology, Chorong allegedly asked her to meet 'in person'. One of the friends of Chorong, who was involved in the incident, also reached out to the accuser and said Chorong has called her too. "She called me as soon as I hung up with Chorong and said my memory was wrong," the victim said. The person said the first phone call where the accuser called Chorong and the K-pop star tried to 'wrap up' the incident by curtly saying 'sorry' was recorded.

On being asked why the accuser didn't come forward when other South Korean celebrities were called out for bullying, the person said, "She's been active for a while and I was worried about hurting the other victims. But the pain from back then turned into an actual illness, so I decided to take measures." 

Play M Entertainment has stated that they are currently looking into the matter. 


'Legal action regarding this matter is inevitable'

Earlier on April 1, Play M Entertainment issued a statement that said, "On April 1, we filed an initial criminal complaint at Gangnam Police Station via Wonil Law Firm against an individual “Kim” for defamation by alleging false information and attempted coercion regarding our artist Apink’s Park Chorong." Further, it stated, "Park Chorong and “Kim,” who were close in the past, drifted apart due to a certain incident. Park Chorong admitted that there was an argument and dispute between another friend and “Kim” due to this incident, and she apologized for any uncomfortable feelings she may have potentially caused. In addition, Park Chorong corrected “Kim,” making the fact straight that she did not commit the violence that “Kim” claimed. She also willingly accepted the request to meet up with “Kim” as she honors their childhood friendship, and she worked to communicate by having communication channels open."

The statement went on to claim, "In this process, however, “Kim” continuously took back what they had said about the facts, suddenly canceled their plans to meet, recorded the phone call including Park Chorong’s sincere apology and sent it to media outlets with false information, and continued such obstinate behavior. This has caused severe emotional distress for Park Chorong, so it has reached a point where legal action regarding this matter is inevitable."

Apink Chorong has been accused of beating someone (A Pink Chorong Instagram)

It further said, "Hence, we reviewed the materials necessary for the process of filing legal complaints, and we announce our plans to take firm civil and criminal legal action for charges of defamation by alleging false information and attempted coercion."

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