PewDiePie's new brain puzzle video out: 'I have the biggest brain on YouTube'

PewDiePie's new brain puzzle video out: 'I have the biggest brain on YouTube'
PewDiePie solving 'Brain It On' game (PewDiePie/ YouTube)

PewDiePie's new brain puzzle video has been released on YouTube. The video amassed 981K views and 94 likes in just one day. The content creator is popular for his gaming videos on Twitch and YouTube. The streamer has 111 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Twitch.

His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and originally started his channel under the name "PewDie." He said that "pew" stands for the sound of lasers while "die" stands for the usual meaning of the word - to pass away. In 2010, after forgetting the password for his initial account, he created the "PewDiePie" YouTube channel.


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'I have the biggest brain on YouTube'

On Saturday, PewDiePie posted a new brain teaser video in which he can be seen working his way through the many levels of the puzzle game 'Brain It On'. The influencer starts the video with a statement, "I have the biggest brain on YouTube."


However, he captioned the video, "Only 99.9% Can SOLVE this - Brain It On." The brain-training game 'Brain It On' is a deceptively difficult physics puzzle. In order to solve the tough physics problems in this game, the player must draw shapes. "This is the alternate intellect puzzle game," PewDiePie claims.

He reached level 26 in 14 minutes and completed most tasks within 10 seconds. "Nothing is too hard for me," he says in the video's closing credits as he compliments his performance.



'Pewd's reactions are always hilarious'

Fans left several comments under the video. "Pewd's reactions are always hilarious," a person said. A second person said, "Haven't had a good laugh in a while... appreciate it pewds!" Another YouTube user said, "He still never fails to bring me laughs despite all these years." Someone else added, "Any game pewds plays will always become hilarious."


Viewers comment on PewPieDie video (PewPieDie/ YouTube)
Viewers' comments on PewPieDie's video (PewPieDie/ YouTube)

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 PewDiePie's new brain puzzle video out: 'I have the biggest brain on YouTube'