'Nice while it lasted': PewDiePie discusses recent Twitch ban as YouTuber addresses 'hack' rumors

'Nice while it lasted': PewDiePie discusses recent Twitch ban as YouTuber addresses 'hack' rumors
PewDiePie shared a video titled ‘I got hacked, then Banned’ on his YouTube channel (PewDiePie/YouTube)

TOKYO, JAPAN: PewDiePie, a prominent YouTube personality, responded to a ban placed on his Twitch channel recently. The reason for the ban remained undisclosed, causing speculation among his fans. However, it was lifted within a couple of days, relieving the uncertainty. In an effort to address the concerns of his dedicated fanbase, PewDiePie took to YouTube and shared a video where he discussed this mysterious ban that occurred on Twitch.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie has over 111 million subscribers on YouTube. With such a massive following, PewDiePie has been one of the most influential figures in the online content creation community, making his ban even more confusing and mysterious.


PewDiePie: Twitch unbans YouTuber after 3-day ban without even streaming

Why did PewDiePie want to quit YouTube nearly 3 years ago?

‘I don’t know’

In PewDiePie’s recent YouTube video titled ‘I got hacked, then Banned’, he addressed his viewers and said, “Well, it was nice while it lasted, PewDiePie got banned! It's really cool because Twitch, just like YouTube, doesn't like to say what [got] you banned, so I don't know....” He jokingly added, "Probably shouldn't have been streaming the videos from 2017, but hey! (Laughs)." 



Finally, he seriously addressed the ban, stating that it was a “weird time.” He continued, “Everyone thought I was hacked first because we were doing a 24x7 live stream on Twitch. Just for fun, I thought it could be a good way to make people as well, like, have the chat and watch videos together and it's there if people want it. Because I have so many goddamn videos right?”


PewDiePie told his fans, “No one knows, I don't care, it's back up.” His fans were overjoyed despite the reason being unknown. Keep reading to know how his fans react to his recent video!

‘Keep it up, my man’

One of the fans wrote, “So nice to hear Felix and Pewds have been able to live together for a whole year, I'm so proud of both of them.” Another fan wrote, “As a looooong time Pewds fan, being promoted to an uncle made me almost tear up,” while a third user said, “I turn 20 tomorrow, this is officially the last time I can watch PewDiePie as a nineteen year old. I am honoured that this video came out today.”


Another person commented, “I do miss some of the content ngl. But seeing Pewds so happy and content is truly what he deserves. Keep it up, my man.”

Comments left on PewDiePie (PewDiePie/YouTube)
Comments left on PewDiePie's video (PewDiePie/YouTube)


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 PewDiePie discusses recent Twitch ban as YouTuber addresses 'hack' rumors: 'Nice while it lasted'