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'Peter Pan and Wendy' Review: Timeless classic gets delicate and tasteful treatment in Disney remake

It’s time for everyone to make a journey back to Neverland and relive a forgotten childhood
A glimpse at Neverland's pirate ship in 'Peter Pan and Wendy' (Disney+)
A glimpse at Neverland's pirate ship in 'Peter Pan and Wendy' (Disney+)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Disney has been focussing on live action content for a few years now, and while they have all been unique in their own ways, 'Peter Pan and Wendy' fixes some errors the original film made. The 50s were a different time altogether, but Peter Pan and his story story has been retold time and again through the decades. This newest iteration of 'Peter Pan and Wendy' makes a few changes while still staying true to the heart of the story.

If you are a fan of the Disney classics and would love to see something visually stunning, and we don’t just mean Jude Law, then 'Peter Pan and Wendy' needs to be on your watchlist this weekend. This film isn’t just for children who are afraid to grow up, but also for adults who often reminisce about the simpler fun times they had when they were younger.


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'Peter Pan and Wendy' gets inclusive

Quite frankly, if one had to really narrow down the real reason why David Lowrey decided to make this film, it could simply be because he wanted to right some wrongs that had previously been made. The title, 'Peter Pan and Wendy' itself serves inclusivity on a platter when Wendy’s name is right there with Peter. Maybe in a few years, there will be another movie titled, ‘Wendy Darling and Peter’ but that’s for another time. Right now, our focus remains on ‘Peter Pan and Wendy.’

Some of the key characters in 'Peter Pan and Wendy' are women — three of them to be precise. Tinkerbell, Wendy Darling, and Tiger Lily are truly a force to be reckoned with in Lowrey’s latest endeavor. Tinkerbell wasn’t white with curvy hips, instead, she was black and the kindest fairy of them all, played by Yara Shahidi. Of course, this was a huge change in pace for the usual tropes that were once established in the original ‘Peter Pan’ but times are changing, and Lowrey definitely got the memo. Adding on to the inclusivity in the best way possible, we also have Tiger Lily played by Alyssa Wapanatahk, a warrior princess who belongs to the indigenous tribe in Neverland.

And of course, one cannot forget Wendy Darling who wasn’t a damsel in distress anymore, and thank heavens for that! It was high time someone called out Peter Pan on his cockiness and overconfidence, and who better to do it than Wendy herself? Wendy is an incredibly strong character who starts off as a young girl who doesn’t want to grow up, but her journey in Neverland truly changes her, and the character arc is impeccable. Kudos to Lowrey and his co-writer, Toby Halbrooks for writing this character so well.

Jude Law steals the show

While the inclusivity, strong female friendships, lost girls, Wendy’s cutest brothers, and Peter Pan are all appreciated, Jude Law comes out as the shining star of 'Peter Pan and Wendy.’ Is anyone really surprised though? When the casting was first announced, despite all the brilliant actors and actresses, the one name that really stood out was Jude Law as Captain Hook, and 'Peter Pan and Wendy' confirms and validated the hype around this character.

Jude Law as Captain Hook makes an unforgettable entrance in 'Peter Pan and Wendy' (Disney+)
Jude Law as Captain Hook makes an unforgettable entrance in 'Peter Pan and Wendy' (Disney+)

Jude Law as Captain Hook is one of the best things to come out of this movie because this character has so much depth, something which we hadn’t seen before. Sure, he was a villain, but 'Peter Pan and Wendy' actually paid attention to some of his backstory, and knocked it straight out of the park!

'Peter Pan and Wendy' is a charming remake

Certain classics should be left alone and in the past, but 1953’s ‘Peter Pan’ isn’t one of them. After multiple renditions, 'Peter Pan and Wendy' is something that gets richer with each re-telling and so it is with this Disney remake. Every person can get onboard with this version, no matter how old you are. This film can excite children and bring adults to tears, but that’s just the beauty of Disney, isn’t it?

You can stream 'Peter Pan and Wendy' on Disney+ from April 28, 2023