Maskless 'Waterboy' actor Peter Dante calls waitress 'c***' for not seating him

Maskless 'Waterboy' actor Peter Dante calls waitress 'c***' for not seating him
Peter Dante, a regular collaborator with Adam Sandler, lashed out at an Asian waitress recently over the LA-based restaurant's mask mandate (inset) (Instagram, TMZ)

Hollywood B-lister actor Peter Dante has landed himself in hot waters yet again over his anti-masker stance after he verbally abused the waitress at a Los Angeles restaurant. A regular in Adam Sandler movies, Dante pulled a Ken move recently at the Quarters Korean BBQ in LA's Koreatown, where the hostess refused to let him indoors for not wearing a mask. In a now-viral video clip, Dante can be seen threatening the young waitress while having a meltdown himself. He even went to the extent of calling her slurs like 'c***' and 'garbage' while demanding to see her superior. 

The 52-year-old 'Waterboy' actor flipped out at the woman staffer as he told her, "You know you're garbage right? Go back to the.., f*** you, go back to school. Where's your boss? Yeah, where's your boss? Bring your boss over here right now." He yelled and created a scene in front of the restaurant entrance while standing next to a 'No Mask No Entry' sign. Dante, who was dressed in a T-shirt with a pot leaf sign and cannabis print jammies, refused to put on a mask despite repeated requests. 


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In the video clip released by TMZ, the actor can be seen harassing the restaurant employee to the point of driving her to tears. He blatantly disobeyed Los Angeles' strict mask mandate as well as the Asian restaurant's policy where guests must wear masks to be seated inside the eatery. 

However, the comedic actor is no stranger to controversy as he already has several felony criminal charges listed against him. In September 2021, he was arrested for allegedly giving death threats to his neighbor. The actor reportedly had a dispute with the individual over construction noise, which soon led to physical violence where the neighbor, as well as his wife and kids, were attacked. Dante was arrested on charges of felony criminal threats but later released on $50,000 bail. 

Back in 2013, Dante allegedly used racial slurs to threaten a producer and got himself booted from a Los Angeles restaurant. He allegedly threatened Death Row producer Suge Knight and actor Adam Sandler with assault. He was arrested at that time as well for creating the ruckus and making threats. Dante is scheduled to appear in court on January 12, 2022, over his September 2021 charges.

It is unclear whether Peter Dante will face any police action due to his angry outburst at the Korean restaurant and violation of the mask mandate. However, the actor has garnered ample backlash from fans over his meltdown episode.

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