Judd Apatow jokes about Pete Davidson's side hustle to Jimmy Fallon: 'He's a drug dealer now'

The filmmaker and actor were on Fallon's late night show to discuss their film 'The King of Staten Island' which is set to release on June 12 on video on demand

                            Judd Apatow jokes about Pete Davidson's side hustle to Jimmy Fallon: 'He's a drug dealer now'
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Filmmaker Judd Apatow and SNL royalty and actor Pete Davidson were on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on Thursday, May 7, night. They discussed weed, fitness, Pete's love for tattoos and their upcoming film 'The King of Staten Island'.

The interaction began with Pete telling Fallon that he's quarantining out of his mother's basement and "crushin' it". He also narrated an incident that happened right after he and Judd put out a video announcing that their film is coming out.

In the video, Pete had mentioned that he was not doing drugs and he revealed that "Literally three hours later a lady rang my front door with a full bag of weed and gave it to my mom saying 'I heard your son needs this'."

"If you see this please do not do that because I will sell it." joked Pete before Apatow exclaimed: "He's a drug dealer now."

Apatow decided to "try to get skinnier" in quarantine. He mentioned that he had a choice to go fat or go skinny. "I knew it's going to be a full commitment to fat or skinny, so I exercise all day," said the filmmaker before picking up a tub of icecream and mentioning that he eats ice cream all night. 

He also shared that Amy Schumer was the one who introduced him to Pete. "When we were doing 'Train Wreck', I asked Amy Schumer who is funny, who should I know and she said the funniest person is this 20-year-old kid Pete Davidson so we put him in 'Train Wreck'."

Apatow also recalled that Pete just had one line in the film. He further shared that the decision was taken because they wanted Pete to be their "Richard Dreyfus in the graduate" so that they could boast "look we knew he was funny before anybody else."

Pete was in one scene in the film with Bill Hader. Speaking about that brief role, Pete said, "It was really crazy. I was on set for 12 minutes and I met Bill Hader. A day later he called me and he said I recommended you to Lauren Michaels and I thought why? I barely had any interaction with him and then I got the show and then I blame that and everything else that has happened to me since then on Bill Hader. It's all his fault," he joked.

Later on, Apatow revealed that 'The King of Staten Island' was shot in the summer of 2019 across Staten Island, and the entire time Pete was trying to convince him to get a tattoo.

The filmmaker was nervous that Pete would end up coming on set looking like Post Malone and mess up the continuity. "That was the most difficult part of the shoot." 

Pete also tried to spread the love of ink to the crew on the last day of the shoot by bringing his tattoo artist friend on the set and everyone was offered a free tattoo.

"We thought only four or five people would get it but the line was four blocks down. It was weird because we saw this sweet lady from accounting come out with a giant dragon on her arm."

Apatow's daughter Maude Apatow also features in the movie in the role of Pete's sister and "the only person who gets to tell him off in the movie."

"She really got to me. She did all her homework. She really hung out with my sister and learned how much she hates me and really portrayed it well on screen," said Pete about Maude. 

Lastly, Apatow added: "We were happy and lucky to get to work with a lot of firemen and firewomen in the movie. It was a great pleasure to be around that community and I hope they like what we did with the movie."

'King of Staten Island' releases on June 12 on Video on Demand.

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