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PETA wants women to go on sex strike against meat-eating men to 'save the world' and end 'toxic masculinity'

'Men need to wake up and smell the tofu,' said Daniel Cox from PETA Germany
(Representational images - Jenny Evans/Getty Images/Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo)
(Representational images - Jenny Evans/Getty Images/Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo)

GERMANY: PETA believes that if women go on a sex strike against meat eaters, it could finally convince men to stop being carnivores. The animal welfare organization, which has over nine million members globally, recently came up with the controversial idea to convince men to become vegan in Germany.

According to a report by The Telegraph, PETA said the sex strike could help "save the world" and end "toxic masculinity". The nonprofit organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, and currently led by Ingrid Newkirk, its international president, is known for its motto - "Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way."


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"Men need to wake up and smell the tofu," said Daniel Cox from PETA Germany. “We all know them, the suburban fathers with beer bottles and barbecue tongs sizzling 70 cent sausages on their 700 euro grill,” he told Telegraph. "The courgette added by the visitor is eyed with suspicion and only reluctantly tolerated," he said before urging German men to turn vegan.

"The fact that Germany's 'grill masters' believe they have to prove their masculinity to themselves and their fellow species through their consumption of meat is not only to the detriment of the animals, however. Now there is scientific proof that toxic masculinity also harms the climate. Therefore, a hefty meat tax of 41 percent for men would be appropriate. A ban on sex or procreation for all meat-eating men would also be purposeful in this context," he concluded. 

Conservative MP Alicia Kearns told LBC radio, "It just feeds into all the worst narratives of the '90s that women use sex, it's not something they enjoy, that they should use it as a tool against men. It's also incredibly focused on straight relationships." 


The outrageous suggestion did not go down well with most Twitter users. One user quoted Cox's words with an image that said, "My brain hurts." Another asked, "Hey @peta just wondering as a Vegan Man, can i put the Wife on a sex ban?" "Pretty sure most normal chaps will survive the PETA ban on sex with meat eaters, as such ladies are often of the "scary hairy" variety, so will probably just mate with their fellow vegans," another said.