'F**king disgusting': PETA slammed for posting graphic cat dissection pic with joke sans content warning

'F**king disgusting': PETA slammed for posting graphic cat dissection pic with joke sans content warning
The cat dissection photo used by the orginasation (PETA)

When it comes to PETA, the internet will have you convinced what had started off as a crusade against animal abuse and a fight for animal rights has evolved into sick propaganda to shame people with graphic images and overly dramatic posts. The latest in the slew of shock value triggering stunts PETA has pulled happens to be a very gritty and graphic image of a cat being dissected. The intent was to highlight how "Dissection is cruel and inferior", whatever the purpose behind it might be. Instead, PETA is now being slammed as 'f**king disgusting* after it chose to pander to meme culture and joke how the cat in the picture is not a cake, but a real one.

The photo PETA posted can be found here and trust us, it is graphic and disturbing for everyone, just not your regular cat lover. You've been warned. The backlash PETA suffered, naturally, flew in from more than just cat lovers, even though that section of society didn't mince their flak when it came to comments. "PETA is f**king disgusting"; "You're allowed to spread awareness, but don't F**KING show graphic images"; "Literally showed a cat being cut in half irl and compared it to the f**king cake meme"; and "I HAVE A CAT I ALMOST F**KING CRIED" were common reactions among the barrage that hit the comment section. 

Some users were able to retain their cool and pointed out the same saying, "Gonna have to unfollow you guys. I agree these things shouldn’t happen. I’m vegan and very eco-conscious in my lifestyle but I don’t need to see these kinds of shock tactics while supporting you guys. There are also kids following your account so maybe think before posting please." But PETA somehow decided it was okay to defend themselves, writing: "Remember, as disturbing as it is to see this abuse, we only have to look at the pictures—the animals have to live it. They will have truly died in vain if they die without anyone documenting their suffering and shouting the injustice of it to the world."

Apart from the sheer depravity in sharing something so morbid, PETA was also slammed for no trigger warning and the sick joke they decided was okay to spin the post with. "PETA tweeted a graphic image of a cat being dissected (with a joke!) without a content warning only for shock factor and to grab attention, despite it being a triggering photo. PETA is a disgusting 'animal rights organisation' and it has to stop," tweeted another user summing it up for the Internet fire the organization is now under. 

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