Diana would've loved to see Harry and William exploit her name, legacy to make money, says Perez Hilton

Hilton thinks Harry has every right to do whatever he pleases

                            Diana would've loved to see Harry and William exploit her name, legacy to make money, says Perez Hilton
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Princess Diana was everyone's favorite and her death left thousands shattered. Recently, Prince Harry stated that he was going to step down from his royal duties along with his wife Meghan Markle and many sources assumed that it was because Prince Harry did not want his family to be affected in the same way by the media like his mother was. 

Ever since he stepped down from the position, Harry has been trying to explore other avenues. For instance, there was news that he was in talks with Goldman Sachs and there would be a possible collaboration in the future. While this news has not been confirmed, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton thinks that there is nothing wrong with Harry extending his hand forward as he has now become a brand.

Hilton reflected on Princess Diana's legacy and said that the name has already opened a million doors for Harry and it does not come as a surprise that he has had many options at his disposal since he stepped down from his royal duties. "Princess Diana from up above, in heaven, would love it if her kids exploit her name and legacy to make money. She is their mother," he said in a video.

Hilton justified his statement by saying that his own name would not open any door for his children and if anything, there would be more closed doors for them than open. He added that this is one of the reasons he always teaches his children the importance of working hard and the importance of ethics. 

While some might think that it is wrong to use the legacy for one's own good, Hilton believes that he would have been more than happy if his children could use his name to help themselves without having him handing over money to them.

He further said that as long as his children are being honest and transparent about what they are doing, he would not have a problem with them using his name. Hilton revealed that he would not think there is anything wrong with Harry using the name of his mother as he is not doing anything wrong or lying and ended the conversation by stating that Harry has the right to do as he pleases.

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