People's Choice Awards 2018: 'Shadowhunters' star Katherine McNamara says "the community we have will continue"

'Shadowhunters' stands canceled after the end of three seasons, and fans have started petitions to have it back

                            People's Choice Awards 2018: 'Shadowhunters' star Katherine McNamara says "the community we have will continue"

People's Choice Awards' "for the people and by the people" policy gives power in the hands of the viewers and they voted their favorite show 'Shadowhunters' as the Show of 2018. 

'Shadowhunters' was up against '13 Reasons Why', 'The Big Bang Theory', 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'This Is Us'. The stars of the show Katherine McNamara and Harry Shum Jr. also won in their respective categories of Female TV star and Male TV star. 

McNamara who plays the role of Clary Fray on 'Shadowhunters' talked about the show, its fandom and the future of Clary in the show in an exclusive interview with MEAWW.

When asked about the popularity of the show and the awards it has won, McNamara said, "These moments are becoming more and more special not that the first ones weren't but I can see how the fandom has grown over the last two years and seeing the progress that we have made, hearing everyone's stories, it just means more and more each time, especially with everything how bittersweet it's been lately." 


McNamara was basking in the glory of the show's fandom calling it the "most humbling experience because 4 out of our 5 nominations were write-ins, and that is such a testament to the strength of this fandom and to what they mean to all of us and vice versa."

'Shadowhunters' stands canceled after the end of three seasons, but has bagged the most number of awards. When asked about the possibility of the show being picked up by another network and playing Clary, McNamara said, "I would play Clary for forever ever if I could and working with these people, I wish I could just keep working with the same people because we've become such a family." 

McNamara also assured the fans that whatever happens to the show "the family that we have created the community we have, will continue even if there are no new episodes." The Shadowhunter fans from all over carried out campaigns to get the show back on-air. The fans had put up "billboards in Kora, Times Square, Toronto, buses in London, they had a plane fly over Netflix in LA. They raised over $30,000 for Trevor Project in the name of 'Save Shadowhunters'. These fans care so much and the love they have shown to all of us through this process has been the biggest gift," said McNamara. 

The show is returning with the second installment of the third season with 12 episodes soon and McNamara shed light on the current situation of her character Clary, whose character was technically dead on the show before going into a mid-season hiatus, "The explosion and everything that happens in episode 10 change everyone permanently, and Clary, in particular, she will never be the same person she was before that. Everything you think you know about the show, everything you think you know about the world... expect the unexpected. All bets are off. I am there in all the 12 episodes, I can tell you that."

Even after immense popularity among masses, the show has not been picked up by any other network.