'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers: Who is the father of Martha's baby? Here are the shocking theories

'Pennyworth' confirmed Martha's pregnancy before the season started, but the new promo has fan curious as to who is the real father of Martha's child

                            'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers: Who is the father of Martha's baby? Here are the shocking theories
Official poster of 'Pennyworth' (EPIX)

‘Pennyworth’ is set to make a comeback with a bang with the next chapter of Season 2, which started with a promise that Martha (Emma Paetz) will be pregnant in the upcoming episodes of the highly-popular drama TV series. It looks like we are close to that revelation as the makers recently shared a promo for the next chapter of the show. The promo offers a brief look at what the viewers can expect from the show’s second half and features all the main characters of the series.

However, the stakes are much higher now. A dark cloud is looming over Alfred Pennyworth (Jack Bannon) and entire England and it which change the lives of many people. The fifth episode will premiere exclusively on EPIX on March 7 at 9 pm ET.


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Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth in 'Pennyworth' (EPIX)

The promo is filled with action sequences and a whole lot of emotions. The clip starts with an image of London under a serious attack as it finds itself embroiled in a devastating civil war. Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) and Pennyworth talk to each other in the next scene. “I have a job lined up for you,” says Thomas. Alfred is seen standing in front of a plane as he embarks on a journey. Pennyworth is now the king of the black market and is running a black-market club. Everything was turning out well until the civil war started and London is now being burned to the ground.

Pennyworth realizes that it will be better for him to leave London and take his business somewhere else. This time, he has his eyes set on America. Apart from that, the viewers are also introduced to a gas-like weapon of destruction which kills several people in minutes. But one of the most intriguing things in the promo was the conversation between Martha Kane and Patricia Wayne, portrayed by Salóme Gunnarsdóttir. Patricia asks Martha if she discussed her matter with Thomas. Martha asks, “Tell him what?” She says, “That you are pregnant.” Martha looks at her with disbelief and stays silent.

A scene from the promo of 'Pennyworth' Season 2 (EPIX)
Emma Paetz as Martha on 'Pennyworth' (EPIX)

Is Baby Wayne on the way?

Now that it is somewhat confirmed that Martha is pregnant, it is still unclear as to who the father is. Given all the developments of Season 1, it is fair to say that the story might not be as straightforward as viewers might think. Fans may think that Martha is carrying Thomas’s son, aka Bruce Wayne. However, those who have seen the show believe that there might be a twist in the tale and Thomas might not be the baby’s father. 

Ben Aldridge and Emma Paetz as Thomas Wayne and Martha in 'Pennyworth' (YouTube/EPIX)

Who is the baby's father? 

According to the events that unfolded in Season 1, there are two possibilities that indicate Thomas may not be the baby’s father. The fourth episode titled ‘Lady Penelope’ gave us a bizarre ending by showing that there is romance brewing between Alfred and Martha. They both go on a mission and make it out alive. Later that night, when they sit down and share a drink, it doesn’t take too long for both to kiss each other. The kiss surprised a lot of fans and they started floating theories that the kiss could have led to something more. So fans believe that Alfred might be the father of Martha’s child.

Alfred Pennyworth and Marth kiss each other in season one of 'Pennyworth' (EPIX)

However, if you are certain that Thomas and Alfred are the only two possibilities, then you are wrong. There could be an even more bizarre reason for Martha's pregnancy.

In the sixth episode of Season 1 titled ‘Cilla Black’, Martha attended a party thrown by Aleister Crowley (Jonjo O'Neill), the orgy-obsessed villain known for worshipping the demon. The party took a bizarre turn when Martha saw what she perceived to be the Devil. Three days later, she was found naked in a field and had no memory of what happened to her.

Martha sees the Devil in season one of 'Pennyworth' (EPIX)

Emma Paetz as Martha (EPIX)

The show did not confirm what happened to her. Meanwhile, fans were really quick to float their theories and claimed that Crowley was finally able to summon the Devil. On the other hand, she could have been dragged into a sex cult and become the subject of a bizarre ritual. If this happens, then we would see a lot of changes in the storyline of ‘Pennyworth’. A child with Devil’s curse might be something bizarre, but fans would be interested to know about the backstory.

‘Pennyworth’ returns to EPIX with the ‘Next Chapter’ of Season 2 on March 7 at 9 pm ET.



Ben Aldridge - Thomas Wayne
Jack Bannon - Alfred Pennyworth
Emma Paetz - Martha
Jonjo O'Neill - Aleister Crowley
Salome Gunnarsdottir - Patricia Wayne

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