'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 3: [Spoiler] dies in 'The Belt and Welt' putting Alfred's America plan at risk

'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 3: [Spoiler] dies in 'The Belt and Welt' putting Alfred's America plan at risk

Spoilers for 'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 3 'The Belt and Welt'

After 12 episodes of 'Pennyworth', the season shows the first of Alfred Pennyworth's (Jack Bannon) lose one of his comrades and closest pals. Bazza (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett) breathes his last in 'The Belt and Welt'. The episode sees Alfred, Daveboy and Bazza chase a lead to recover the money that was stolen from them. The trail of the stolen money leads them to Vic Dobson (Lee McQueen) one of the frequenters at The Delaney.

It is revealed that Vic is in love with one of the bartenders and presents her with an expensive ring. Suspecting foul play, the trio uses her to track Vic's whereabouts. While Vic manages to escape with the money initially, Alfred confronts him and a violent altercation ensues where Vic is stabbed in the neck by a shard of glass and he succumbs to his wounds. His girlfriend attempts to make away with the money in Bazza's car.


Bazza gives chase, but she loses control of the car and rams into cans of gasoline causing an explosion and killing herself. Bazza is a victim of the shrapnel and dies after a tearful goodbye. With this, Alfred has not just lost a friend, but also the money that would see him, Daveboy, and Mrs Pennyworth make their way to starting a new life in America.

What's next for Alfred and Daveboy?

As predictable as the plot may sound, this means Alfie and Daveboy will take up Captain Gulliver Troy's offer to work with him in their heists. Although, Alfred was reluctant and turned down his offer to work with Troy earlier, the loss of life and money would probably make him reconsider his option. Troy does say it is a quick way to make some money and the mid-season finale might see Troy and Alfred team-up. With this the episode sees Alfred lose three people dear to him in his life after Esme (Emma Corrin) and his father, Mr.P (Ian Puleston-Davies).


What are your thoughts on Bazza's unexpected death in Season 2?

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