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'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 5 Spoilers: Why did Gulliver Troy kill Banjo? Here's the secret he's hiding

Gulliver Troy didn't think twice when he shot Banjo in the woods. He's got a big secret that he didn't want the world to know
Ed Sayer as Banjo was shot by James Purefoy's character Captain Gulliver Troy in 'Pennyworth' (EPIX)
Ed Sayer as Banjo was shot by James Purefoy's character Captain Gulliver Troy in 'Pennyworth' (EPIX)

Spoilers for ‘Pennyworth’ Season 2 Episode 5

The next chapter of ‘Pennyworth’ is back once again to enthrall the viewers with captivating storylines and stunning visuals. The fifth episode starts with Alfred (Jack Bannon) trying to earn money to leave the UK before the Civil War takes a bizarre turn. Alfred joins Captain Gulliver Troy (James Purefoy) for one last robbery at a wrestling center. The plan is set and they need to execute the robbery in just 21 minutes. Troy gives a briefing to the five-member team and they enter the building with face masks on.

The plan is to rob the place before the ongoing wrestling match ends and before people enter the main corridor. It was going as they expected, but due to some reason, the match gets called off in just 11 minutes. Alfred believes they should leave while Troy is adamant about continuing on with the plan. They open the door to the vault by putting explosives on it and gather all the money in a bag as they try to flee the place.


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Audiences who were present there to watch the wrestling game, are on the loose and they realize that robbers have entered the building. While leaving the premises, Alfred is met with a female wrestler who tries to stop him. He points the gun at him but doesn’t shoot. However, one of the thieves comes from behind and shoots her. Alfred is in shock and feels really bad about what just happened.

A still from the robbery scene in Season 2 Episode 5 of 'Pennyworth' (EPIX)

Their plans of remaining discreet were spoilt when the local newspaper reported the robbery alongside the picture of one of the members of their team.

A still from 'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 5 (EPIX)

At the end of the episode, we see Gulliver Troy and Banjo (Ed Sayer), one of the members of Troy’s team, walking deep into the woods. They both talk about a night-raid that happened in the past, which means Banjo used to be one of the soldiers working under the command of Gulliver. As they talk, Troy kills Banjo by shooting on the back of his head.

Why did Troy kill Banjo?

There are two reasons for Troy to kill him. First, Banjo had a temper and did not play by the rules. The second and biggest reason is that it was Banjo’s sketch that featured in the newspaper along with the news of the robbery. With Troy being a former SAS member, he would not want the news of the robbery to go out as that will dent his name and his stature.

A scene from the 'Pennyworth' Season 2 Episode 5 (EPIX)

What are your thoughts on the entire episode?

'Pennyworth' airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET on EPIX.