Chance the Rapper's Pay It Forward Live show gives fans goosebumps: 'Needed this to forget evil in the world'

Chance performed at the live show to support small businesses affected by Covid-19

                            Chance the Rapper's Pay It Forward Live show gives fans goosebumps: 'Needed this to forget evil in the world'
Chance The Rapper (Getty Images)

Chance the Rapper has teamed up with Verizon for 'Pay It Forward Live', its weekly streaming entertainment series which supports small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The show aired at 8 pm EST on Twitter @Verizon, Verizon's Facebook and YouTube pages, and other services on Thursday (May 14).

Before the show, Chance said in a press release, "I am excited to perform for Verizon's Pay It Forward Live series, which benefits local small businesses, who need our support due to the drastic slowdown in our economy from the global pandemic. As a Chicago native, I would like to especially highlight these black-owned businesses, who are the soul and backbone of our community: Chicago's Home of Chicken & Waffles, Mikkey's Retro Grill Stony Island, Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken, and Fat Tiger Workshop, just to name a few." 

"It's more than important than ever that we all come together to get through this tough time and help continue to help support small businesses in our local communities," Chance added, according to Billboard. For every usage of the hashtag #PayItForwardLIVE, Verizon is donating $10 of up to $2.5M to support small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Viewers are encouraged to donate whatever amount they can.

Twitter users and Chance fans loved the show. They took the opportunity to thank Chance, with one fan saying, "You’re just what I need to distract me from the evil in the world. Love your advocacy, philanthropy, and perspective." Another wrote, "@chancetherapper you never fail to put on a great performance." Fans said the show was exactly what they needed during quarantine. One said, "@chancetherapper just killed it on the #PayItForwardLIVE concert. Really needed it" and another said, "Thank you. So beautiful. This is what we need. We need more @chancetherapper shows in our quarantine."

One fan said, "Chance was amazing! really missing his concerts right now. once more @chancetherapper proving himself an incredible artist." Another wrote, "@chancetherapper Had goosebumps the whole time you performed! Great job!"

'Pay It Forward Live' has already held performances by Janelle Monáe, Alicia Keys and Billie Eilish with her brother Finneas.

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