Paul Murdaugh got 'threats from strangers' before being shot dead: Family

The Murdaugh family has made a public appeal for help finding the killers of Paul and his 52-year-old mother, Margaret 'Maggie' Murdaugh

                            Paul Murdaugh got 'threats from strangers' before being shot dead: Family
Paul Murdaugh was awaiting trial for killing the 19-year-old Mallory Beach in a boating accident in 2019 (South Carolina Attorney General's Office)

COLLETON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA: It has been more than a week since the murder of a 22-year-old man from a prominent South Carolina family along with his 52-year-old mother, but so far, there have been no arrests, no suspects named. Paul Murdaugh was found murdered with his mother Margaret "Maggie" Murdaugh by his father Alex Murdaugh on the night of June 7, 2021, at their hunting lodge in Colleton County. Both the victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The Murdaugh family says that Paul received "threats from strangers" before he was shot dead. 

During an appearance on 'Good Morning America' on the morning of Thursday, June 17, 2021, two members of South Carolina’s prominent Murdaugh family made a public appeal for help finding the killers of Paul and his 52-year-old mother Maggie Murdaugh


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According to a report carried by ABC 4 News, Alex’s brothers John Marvin Murdaugh and Randy Murdaugh said on GMA that they have no idea who would want to hurt Paul and his mother. They also asked for anyone who might have information about the killer or killers to come forward.

"The person that did this is out there and there's information however big or however small it is," Randy said. The brothers added that they did not believe the family had any real enemies. However, John Marvin added that Paul had received threatening texts before his death.

"I didn’t think it was credible threats. If it was, I would’ve tried to do something or notify someone. But I guess, maybe, I made a mistake," John Marvin said in the Thursday morning news segment.

Randy also responded to some of the perceptions around the family regarding its legacy, saying it was wrong. "Yes. I see words like 'dynasty' used, and 'power,' and I don't know exactly how people use those words. But we're just regular people, and we're hurting just like they would be hurting if this had happened to them."

Paul was awaiting trial for causing the boating accident that killed the 19-year-old Mallory Beach because he was navigating the waters while intoxicated. Beach’s body was not found for a week after the crash since he was thrown off the boat.

As per reports, the Murdaugh family has not offered any reward money for tips. Authorities have also reportedly released very little information about the ongoing investigation. Paul was reportedly out on bond at the time of his death. As per some other reports, Paul had other brushes with the law in addition to being charged in the 2019 incident. 

According to records obtained by the Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette, in May 2020, Paul received a traffic ticket for driving more than 15 mph over the speed limit. On March 11, he received a ticket for boating with an expired fire extinguisher near Shem Creek in Charleston County. According to the outlet, Paul was fined $105 for the ticket and there was no evidence showing consumption of alcohol.

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