Paul Murdaugh had 'drunk alter ego' Timmy, slapped girlfriend before boat crash

After getting drunk Paul Murdaugh used to transform into a completely different person, nicknamed 'Timmy' before the 2019 tragedy

                            Paul Murdaugh had 'drunk alter ego' Timmy, slapped girlfriend before boat crash
Paul Murdaugh was shot in the head (South Carolina Attorney General's Office)

ISLANDTON, SOUTH CAROLINA: Paul Murdaugh, the heir to a powerful, wealthy legal dynasty, has had a drunk alter ego named “Timmy”, court documents released last week have revealed. The official documents have also claimed that the 22-year-old who was killed on June 7 along with his mother Margaret aka Maggie stripped down to his underpants before allegedly crashing a boat into bridge pilings, resulting in the death of 19-year-old Mallory Beach, in February 2019.

Paul and Maggie, who belonged to a prominent Lowcountry legal family, were found murdered at their hunting lodge in Islandton, South Carolina. Their bodies were found a few yards apart from each other in the backyard of their lodge by Richard Alexander Murdaugh Sr, who is the father of Paul and husband of the 52-year-old woman. Sources familiar with the investigation have stated that Paul was the target of the alleged crime, while his mother died because she was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.


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Paul was about to stand trial in the death of Mallory, who allegedly died after the South Carolina scion drove the boat in a drunken state, ultimately crashing it. He had pleaded not guilty to three felony charges, which included one count of boating under the influence causing death and two counts of boating under the influence causing great bodily injury over the death of Mallory. The girl’s family had also sued the Murdaugh family last year over their daughter’s death. The depositions of the suit were released last week that claimed that after getting drunk Paul used to transform into a completely different person. He was nicknamed “Timmy” three or four years ago before the 2019 tragedy, testified Anthony Cook, Paul's cousin, who was Mallory's boyfriend at the time.

“It's a different name because he turns into a completely — totally different person. So somebody will say, 'All right. Here comes Timmy. We got to go,’” Cook said, who also recalled the moment before the 2019 accident saying Paul had slapped or pushed his own girlfriend before removing all his clothes, except underwear. “Paul for some reason acted like he was on drugs or something. He started taking his clothes off during one of the arguments, and it is 40 degrees outside. I've seen him do it a few times when gets drinks. I don't know why he does that,” the cousin stated.

In his testimony, Cook added that at the time, Mallory called Paul “stupid” and said, “it was time to go home.” He said: “He turned and pointed at her, and I could tell he was going to say something, and I told him not to make that mistake, and he stared at me for a second went back to steering the boat. And I believe that's when the boat took off,” before adding, “We went from a 2mph idle to the bow of the boat sticking up in the air.”

Meanwhile, regarding the recent tragedy, it has been said that Paul was hit in the head and upper body with a shotgun, while his mother was shot dead with what appeared to be an assault rifle. A South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) spokesman has said, “no additional information is available at this time while we are conducting an active investigation.” The Colleton County Sheriff's Office has released a single sentence statement that read, “On June 7, 2021 at approximately 2226 hours I responded to 4147 Moselle Rd in Colleton County in reference to two gunshot victims found by the caller.”

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