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Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes sidearm throw stuns fans: 'Nobody can do that'

Mahomes stuns social media during preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, fans hyped for start of NFL
UPDATED AUG 21, 2021
Patrick Mahomes throws a pass against the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium on January 24, 2021, in Kansas City, Missouri. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes throws a pass against the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium on January 24, 2021, in Kansas City, Missouri. (Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Even though it's just the preseason, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has got people talking. On August 20, he stunned social media with his trademark sidearm throw, as the Chiefs thumped the Arizona Cardinals 17-10. The throw appeared to be the only thing social media could talk about during and after the game, with Mahomes trending on social media. 

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But all eyes are currently on Mahomes, whose enjoying quite a successful run. Amongst other things, he also recorded a 78-yard throw, one of the longest in the game. But, that's not what got people talking. During the first quarter, Mahomes made a quick sidearm throw as the crowd roared in appreciation. The moment was captured by ESPN and quickly burned into Twitter's collective memory. "Mahomes sidearm throws looking regular season ready," ESPN tweeted.


Social media was quick to pick up on that and praise the 25-year-old. It didn't take long for his sidearm to become the talk of the internet, as users appeared excited to see Mahomes pull off the move during the season. Others though didn't appear to be too impressed and let their feelings be known to the public. 

Internet dubs Mahomes 'truly unique'

"That little sidearm flick Mahomes does is so f------ sexy," one person said. Another tweeted, "Wow. I can’t believe how good Mahomes is at throwing sidearm. Truly unique how he sidearms it when he throws. Has anyone ever sidearmer it like Mahomes sidearms it?"



"Quarterbacks do not normally attempt sidearm passes in the middle of the field between a tightly contested zone. If they did they would likely get benched. Mahomes is one of the few that has the arm talent to pull it off & even he is not always successful," one person noted.


While some gushed over Mahomes, others were clearly not as impressed. "Y’all overhype this side arm pass," one user replied to ESPN. Another slammed, "Any other QB this is just a decent throw but with Mahomes it’s an ESPN post."



One user tweeted, "They just love hyping this mf for some reason. It’s comedy at this point." Another replied, "Was this worth a post ? I mean it’s rare but damn bro. I love Mahomes don’t get me wrong but it’s a side arm pass. Great throw onto the next play."




What do you think? Is Mahomes' throw worth the hype? Or are ESPN and some users just getting excited for no reason.