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Patrick Florence: Florida man, 34, arrested with drugs around his penis

Florence told cops drugs 'were not his' after being caught with them in Clearwater, becomes his latest in a long list of drug-related arrests
UPDATED DEC 22, 2021
A seized bag of cocaine (Phil Walter/Getty Images) with an insert of Patrick Florence (Pinellas County Sheriff's Office)
A seized bag of cocaine (Phil Walter/Getty Images) with an insert of Patrick Florence (Pinellas County Sheriff's Office)

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA: 34-year-old Patrick Florence was arrested by cops on December 18 after being caught with bags of cocaine and methamphetamine. The Florida man was arrested after cops discovered the drugs wrapped around his penis. It's unclear why he decided to smuggle them that way, but it could have something to do with Florence's history. According to records, he's been arrested over 20 times for drug-related offenses.

Over the decades, drug smugglers have come up with increasingly creative ways to transport their goods, leading to some truly baffling headlines when caught. In February 2020, a veterinarian was caught smuggling heroin inside the bellies of puppies. A month earlier, a New York mom was shocked to find cocaine inside a doll she bought for her daughter. In June 2021, two British Marines were sentenced for smuggling cocaine concealed in Lego boxes, with one ending up as a birthday gift for a child.


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But Florence's attempt for bizarre ideas truly takes the cake. The 34-year-old attempted to deny ownership of the drugs, telling the cops the packages "were not his", a story they didn't buy. He's now being held on four felony drugs and weapons charges by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. 

Who is Patrick Florence?

Little is known about Florence beyond his history of arrests, with his record going back to 2009. He was first arrested in March that year by the St. Petersburg Police on four charges including auto theft, possession of cocaine, and obstructing arrest. Since then, he's been arrested around 25 times including in February 2020 for cocaine possession. Based on the reports, he seems to be a serial buyer or seller of drugs. 

It's unclear if Florence was going to sell drugs on December 18 when he was caught, but it seems unlikely. According to the arrest affidavit, he was caught with less than 1 gram, indicating it was likely for consumption. The arrest was made after cops pulled a car over in which Florence was a passenger because it was being driven without headlights or tail lights. A search of the vehicle turned up a handgun, which led cops to eventually discover the drugs in two plastic baggies. He claimed "the package wrapped around his penis was not his," but was nonetheless arrested. 

Florence was charged with four felonies- possession of cocaine, meth, ammunition, and a firearm - and booked into Pinellas County jail in lieu of a $24,000 bond. At the time of reporting, it appears he is still in jail.