Florida woman blames 'windy day' for cocaine found in her purse

The 26-year-old along with another person was arrested on March 21, after their car was spotted swerving on the roadway, with marijuana smoke coming out of the windows

                            Florida woman blames 'windy day' for cocaine found in her purse
Fort Pierce Police (Source: Getty Images)

A woman from Florida was arrested for drug possession charges last month, however, what was unusual about this incident was her narrative of how a pack of cocaine ended up in her purse.

Reports state that 26-year-old Kennecia Posey was one of the two passengers in a car which was swerving on the roadway on March 21. Fort Pierce police officers spotted the car and asked the driver to stop the vehicle.

Kennecia Posey, 26, has claimed that “a windy day” is why cocaine was in her bag, WPLG reported.  (Source: Fort Pierce Police Department, Florida)


According to a police report, a police officer approached the passengers in the car and smelled marijuana odor emanating from the vehicle.

He reportedly asked the passengers to get out of the vehicle and began a thorough search of the car.

The officer found marijuana and cocaine in separate bags inside a purse which Posey had securely kept on her lap.

When the officers questioned the woman about the drugs found in her possession, she admitted, saying that the marijuana was hers. However, she refused to admit that the bag of cocaine was hers too.

Reports state that Posey gave the officers a completely bizarre and unheard-of explanation about how the cocaine must have ended up in her bag — the wind. That's right, she blamed the windy weather for it.

The woman in the car gave an absolute absurd explanation for why the cocaine was in her bag. (Getty Images) 


The police report stated Posey as saying: "I don't know anything about any cocaine. It's a windy day. It must have flown through the window and into my purse."

The police officers didn't buy the absurd explanation and detained her. 

Reports state that Posey was booked into the county jail on one felony count of cocaine possession and a misdemeanor count of marijuana posession.

The woman was later released on bond, according to WPLG reports.