NY couple gets $1,600 Charles Manson tattoos with serial killer's ashes mixed in ink

'It's weird that Charles is a part of me now. Kind of creepy,' Patrick Boos admitted

                            NY couple gets $1,600 Charles Manson tattoos with serial killer's ashes mixed in ink
Patrick and Deanne Boos got Charles Manson's face tattooed on their bodies with ink mixed with his ashes (Instagram/Ryan Gillikin)

Tattoo artist Ryan Gillikin aka Ryan Almighty recently shared about New York Couple Patrick and Deanne Boos and their $1600 Charles Manson tattoos. The couple reportedly got the notorious serial killer and cult leader's face tattooed on their bodies and had his ashes mixed in the tattoo ink. The bizarre idea has caught the attention of many for its shocking nature. 

Gillikin, who describes himself as a 'human blood artist' and 'professional weirdo', shared his experience with the Boos and their obsession with Charles Manson. "Spent an amazing evening with the infamous Patrick Boos and his wonderful family last night. They got matching Manson tattoos both based on my blood portraits of the old man, with something very special mixed in for good measure and the ultimate memento mori and tribute to Charlie," Gillikin wrote. He reportedly used red and black ink mixed with Manson's ashes to create an eerie effect with the tattoos. In one of them, the Tate-LaBianca murderer can be seen in his iconic pose with raised eyebrows and sticking his tongue out. In another, a little older version of Manson has been portrayed, while both tattoos clearly show the infamous X mark on his forehead. 


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Deanne Boos, who got Manson's face inked on her lower leg, had always wished to be the first woman to get a tattoo with the cult teacher's ashes. Her husband Patrick Boos did not want her to get the tattoo alone, so he got a similar one on his thigh as well. 

Patrick is a devout follower of the '70s cult leader and even got a Helter Skelter tattoo 10 months earlier. 'Helter Skelter' was the notorious phrase adopted by Manson's followers and emblazoned in blood at Sharon Tate's death scene. He also has an X tattooed at the center of his forehead, similar to the symbol carved by the serial killer on his own head. 

Boos had previously shared his inspiration behind the tattoo, dubbing it a "piece of history". "I think people are fascinated by how the typical serial killer's mind works, or why they did it. We really don't know if Charles Manson did anything other than being a cult leader - he may have sent others to kill, but he claims he had nothing to do with it," he shared. 

He also acknowledged that the tattoo is indeed creepy. "It's weird that Charles is a part of me now. Kind of creepy, I guess. And I don't think it will affect me in any way."

He hailed Manson as a "prophet" and said, "I decided to go all out and add the Helter Skelter because of all the chaos going on today, which is still going on, with this virus and all the potential bulls*** and Black Lives Matter. I don't want to be like him at all. I'd rather be home with my family than be around people."

His wife Deanne, however, faced a lot of backlash after getting the Manson blood tattoo. "She just didn't like all the mean stuff people were saying, because she cares about me. Art is supposed to make people feel - especially if it has anything to do with murder or serial killing," Boos said about his wife.