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#PardonMeTrump trends after video accusing Trump of bailing criminals out goes viral: 'Vote him out!'

The 45-second video was uploaded by MeidasTouch, an organization that calls itself 'next-generation political organization, reimagining progressive ideals for the rapidly changing digital age'
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

#PardonMeTrump started to trend on Twitter in the late hours of Saturday, July 11. It all began when a video went viral on Twitter from MeidasTouch. The 45-second video has been widely shared since they shared it on their page. The video begins with a voiceover saying, "When you were elected you promised to drain the swamp. Now as millions of Americans suffer from sickness and job loss, the only people you continue to bail out are your criminal friends," referring to Michael Flynn and Roger Stone.

"The most indictments of any administration in history. You didn't drain the swamp, you are the swamp." The video ended with the voiceover questioning "You think you deserve four more years? Pardon Me!" According to the organization's website, "MeidasTouch is a next-generation political organization, reimagining progressive ideals for the rapidly changing digital age. Founded by three brothers with a passion for democracy and justice, we aim to not only be in the conversation but to create the conversation."

The video began doing the rounds on Twitter which resulted in the catchphrase #PardonMeTrump going viral. Earlier this year, Trump was slammed for ignoring the threat of the pandemic and calling it a "hoax" which resulted in the virus spreading aggressively around the country. Last month at his Tulsa rally he spoke about talking to his administration about reducing testing.

Twitter was unforgivable in their approach and started to tweet all their doubts related to Trump's administration. "How long will it be until you say one word about the sick and dying of Covid-19 or any concern about our soldiers with bounties on their heads and their families? #PardonMeTrump," wrote one user. Another wrote, "Pardon me Mr Trump but aren’t thousands of Americans dying? Why are we pardoning criminals convicted by a jury? #PardonMeTrump@MeidasTouch. Bet Trump would pardon the coronavirus that killed thousands if it would get him reelected."

"If I were in Trump's corrupt circle, my biggest fear at this point is that his dementia could cause him to forget his loyalty to me. Oh, wait, Trump's loyalty is nonexistent; the only time he acts is when blackmailed. #PardonMeTrump #TrumpKillsUs," wrote another user. "The worst President in the history of America is destroying America every day. If this President wins the election in November America is gonna be another Russia or Turkey or North Korea. VOTE him Out! #pardonmetrump" read another tweet. 

The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Presidential electors will be selected and votes will be cast in December to choose either a new President and Vice President or reelect Trump and VP Mike Pence back into the office for another four years.