'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3: A shaking crucifix and Elk history, Episode 2 is too real to ignore

There are many cases in the course of the hour-long episode but the first two were the most interesting

                            'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3: A shaking crucifix and Elk history, Episode 2 is too real to ignore
UFO spotted in restricted government area in Hawaii (Travel Channel)

Spoilers for 'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3 Episode 2

In the first episode of 'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3, we saw a phantom truck chase teenagers on a haunted New Jersey road and saw men spot two black amorphous UFOs in the sky, among many other stories. While in the second episode titled 'Hawaiian UFOs,' we see more weird things fly in the sky, a crucifix shake making people wonder if it's holy or demonic and a little boy that plays with investigators in a haunted cave. These stories are not for the weary and if you enjoy watching paranormal activities take place around the world as experts try to break down what the real deal with it is, this show is for you. What makes it a teeny bit scary is that all of the eerie happenings were caught on tape - so yes, it's real. 

The first case always seems to set the tone for the other upcoming cases and with the second episode of the season, we feel like they hit the mark yet again. Taking us to Twin Falls Idaho, experts speak about the bar named Milner's Gate bar where ghosts of the past come back to see "what's happening now?" Considered to be the oldest building in Twin Falls Idaho, the case ID titled 'Bar Ghouls' takes us back to July 2019 where bar owners Brian Rambur and Chris catch what experts think is paranormal activity in the basement. At exactly 11 pm on two separate occasions, the tape catches stools moving and a week later, catches an apparition dancing on the bar area. Brian explains that while he was 95% a believer in paranormal happenings and has heard voices and experienced shoulder taps; this footage has made him 150% sure that there is paranormal activity in the basement of the bar. While this is quite unsettling, the best part of this series is when experts such as Mark Moran, the Editor/co-founder of Weird NJ, Dan Sturges, Brian Cano and Aaron Sagers, all three paranormal investigators lend insights on the history and the possible reason as to why this had occurred at Milner's. With Moran calling the occurrence "vaporous lights," Sturges noticing that the light had "purpose to its movement," Sagers dishing on "ritualistic power" and Cano speaking on Elks and their mythology - this is one exciting case.

Another case titled 'UFOs in paradise' takes us to Big Island, Hawaii, where while "casually snooping" on restricted government property, a man (who wanted to be anonymous) caught three "orbs" of lighting dancing closer that we'd expect. This incident that occurred in 2010, showcased three different colored tiny circles of light that, Monan says has "unity in their movement." Cano also mentioned that the incident "feels closer," which is evidently true considering other UFO sightings that seem to be farther or higher away in the sky. With this strange occurrence, the conspiracy theory (or not, depends on what you believe) that the government seems to be hiding something from the public is expertly highlighted. Rachel Evans, a paranormal researcher speaks on how the source and location of the incident should be taken into consideration - she says the "UGO is a homegrown baby!" Sceurman speaks on how these orbs are seemingly controlled, Susan Slaughter, another paranormal researched wondered if they are manned? It was a relatable case considering many have asked these exact same questions before. Although, we have to say that Folklorist, Lynne McNeill was a nice twist.

There are many cases in the course of the hour-long episode but the first two were the most interesting. Also, while the premiere may have been amazing, we think the second episode was a lot better. The one in third place might have to be the shaking cross in India. We would say that this episode swelled a bit into history with crazy insights, things that make you wonder if certain things were true. It's a thriller of sorts and as the videos are too real to ignore. What did you think? Did the cross make you believe in the paranormal?

'Paranormal Caught on Camera' airs Sundays at 9 pm ET. 

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