'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3 Episode 5: Rock legend's ghost, dead grandma's selfie make for chills

This probably was the most vivid of the episode with hard-hitting evidence caught on camera

                            'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3 Episode 5: Rock legend's ghost, dead grandma's selfie make for chills
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Spoilers for 'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3 Episode 5

In this episode, 'Haunted By A Rock Legend and More', we dive into haunted animals (yes), yet another instance of government captured evidence of Big Foot, a dead grandmother posing with her grandson for a selfie and much more. This probably was the most vivid of the episode with hard-hitting evidence caught on camera. Like we said the series is not too much of a scare, it's more like learning about otherworldly phenomena. If you're into this genre, it's kind of amazing to see all these occurrences that have happened around the world. It makes you wonder how much we really know and how much is being hidden from us? 

We have to say that the episode definitely began with the most shocking video submission of all. In 2018, San Jose, Philippines, Teresa Ocampo found a selfie video that her little son had innocently taken. As she watched, her mother, who had been dead a year by that time, pops into the frame nonchalantly, not scaring the little boy one bit. Of course, Ocampo was scared enough, she said she couldn't speak. Case Id: Ghost grandmother shows a vivid image of Ocampo's deceased mother with features of a decaying body - her eyes were black and sucked in and her veins were visible on her face. Aaron Sagers, a paranormal journalist explains how this video footage is both "mind-blowing and chilling" because Ocampo's mother appears tangible.

Susan Slaughter, a paranormal investigator, explains how the apparition of this young boy's grandmother manifested to a certain extent and that many who have seen such apparition speak of hollow blacked-out eyes that have sunken in to look like a skull. Interestingly enough, Derek Hayes, host of 'Monsters Among Us', explains how this also goes back to times of burial preparations where the body is decomposed leading to the eyes and cheeks sinking in. The video, needless to say, is terrifying when you learn you're seeing a dead person on camera but Sapphire Sandalo, host of 'Stories with Sapphire', explains that the spirit world in "ingrained" in Pilipino culture - "It is real," she says. It is believed that ancestors who have died have not left their earthly family, and only have crossed on to the spirit realm, with Sandalo says interacts with us. In fact, Lynne McNeill, a folklorist, said that there are many reports of young children meeting older people they don't know, and after they describe who they saw, their parents often realize its' their deceased grandparents.

On a more weird note, the episode also reveals three videos that show us that human teleportation may be currently happening? On May 5, 2012, in Russia, in May 2018 in 2018 Surat Thani Province, Thailand, and on January 2020 in Japan, there is video proof of humans appearing out of nowhere on busy roads walking like zombies completely unbothered by the vehicles that whizz past them. They appear "solid" and "real" - are these really acts of human teleportation. The person in Russia that appeared was wearing a lab coat, which made Sandalo wonder if he was a scientist testing new technology. Sagers, on the other hand, thinks that someone could have possibly "unlocked incredible power far beyond what we currently understand". This brings up a few conspiracy theories of course, because what is being hidden from us? As you would guess, these clips creeped even the experts out as some called in "unexplainable". So the next time you think you may have seen someone and ran over them while you're tired and driving, there is a chance you might have witnessed whatever these creepy humans have unlocked in these detailed clips. It was also a great Segway into Big Foot conspiracies which experts say people think that the legendary "thing" may possibly be able to teleport.

You also must be wondering what Rock Legend the episode title speaks of? While we don't want to give too much of the best parts of the episode away, we can tell you this much - the legend was none other than Janis Joplin who had died on October 4, 1970, for a suspected heroin overdose. Let's just say when investigators tried to contact her, they got more than a few answers back from the dead. 

This episode definitely had some eerie submissions that seem all too real to ignore. We have to say that the grandmother video from the Philippines was the shocker, but other instances explained in the episode such as the "four-legged ghost", fall right behind that when it comes to the level of creepiness. We thoroughly enjoyed this episode, mostly because it seemed more "real" than other episodes so far. Of course, all of this is somehow real, depends on what you believe exists or not. We just can't figure out if it's scarier when you are a believer or a non-believer? 

'Paranormal Caught on Camera' airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on the Travel Channel.

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