'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3 Episode 1: UFO sightings and legend of Clinton Road ramp up fear factor

'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3 Episode 1: UFO sightings and legend of Clinton Road ramp up fear factor
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Spoilers for Season 3 Episode 1 of 'Paranormal Caught on Camera'

The premiere episode is most daringly a scary one whether you believe in the paranormal or not. From creatures flying over Chicago, teenagers being followed on a haunted road in New Jersey to a church with demonic presences and haunted retail stores in New Hampshire, Episode 1, titled 'Flying Cryptid Over Chicago' is an eerie as it can be. It was an interesting episode with creepy sightings caught on camera, making many unbelievers second guess on the reality of paranormal activity. We wouldn't call this a horror series particularly, but the fact that it shows tapes of real incidents captured by people around the world does make it significantly scary and spooky.  

One of the cases in the episode was 'The Truck From Hell' where three teenagers -- one boy and two girls -- experience a paranormal presence after being haunted by a phantom truck at the legendary haunted Clinton Road in North New Jersey. The road that stretches 10 miles has a reputation for "ghostly happenings" such as ghost children and apparitions of Satanists. We can't comprehend why people still drive there. The video is quite believable considering the girls sound intensely terrified. The driver of the vehicle that night, Dave Paprota, recalls the intense experience when adventure turned into slight horror that was caught on the car's dashcam. Paprota said he felt "a different kind of cold" as they saw a white truck, black tinted windows continuously pass by the trio. This was a seemingly great introduction to the premiere episode. Is the legend true? Can vehicles be apparitions? Watch experts dabble with the mystery, as Paprota reveals what happens to his dashcam after it recorded the entire incident.


A still of the 'UFO' from 'Paranormal Caught on Camera' Season 3 premiere

Another case titled 'UFO In The City' was that of a possible "amorphous" object being spotted in the skies of Chicago, Illinois by two men. Get this, there were not one, but two of those objects flying "slowly" with one following the other. They disappear in 30 minutes, leaving Ken Ross and his neighbor stunned. Apparently, spottings of UFOs in rural areas such as Wyoming are expected, but an east side Chicago sighting caught Ross off guard. Experts, on the other hand, were more taken aback by the shape of the object. Is it extraterrestrial? 

There are many more such cases in the hour-long episode, and while we'd like to write about it all, the suspense is worth it. We see many bright minds such as Mark Moran, the editor/co-founder of Weird NJ; Mark Sceurman, the co-founder of Weird NJ; Aaron Sagers, a paranormal journalist; Sapphire Sandalo, the host of 'Stories with Sapphire' podcast; Rachel Evans, a paranormal researcher; Ben Kissel, the host of 'Last Podcast on The Left'; Derek Hayes, the host of 'Monsters Among Us' and many more.


How do spirits manifest? What does that have to do with electronics? What is a demonic presence? These are only some of the many questions that experts tackle in the premiere episode. If you have watched the first two seasons of this show, you would know that regardless of the fact that people believe in phantom happenings or not, the tapes showed on the series have spooked many viewers. If you're into investigative paranormal shows, then this Travel Channel show is just for you. 'Paranormal Caught on Camera' acts out the storylines for you, throwing in eerie digitally curated images as well, and well the music is as you would expect -- creepy.

The next episode of 'Paranormal Caught On Camera' airs on July 19, 2020, at 9 pm ET on the Travel Channel.


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