'Paranormal Caught On Camera' Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Daunting ghost bride, poltergeist catch you off-guard

The episode follows a few cases that show incredible and definite paranormal activities, but drags a bit when it comes to UFO's and bi-pedal cryptids

                            'Paranormal Caught On Camera' Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Daunting ghost bride, poltergeist catch you off-guard
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Spoilers for 'Paranormal Caught On Camera' Season 3 Episode 10

In this episode titled 'Haunted Dam and More', we see the apparition of a ghost bride in a church, and to our disappointment drone and UFO footages that well, aren't paranormal to us. There was a bit of positivity (the irony) though with the Manchester poltergeist haunting along with the Hale's Bar Dam haunting. This episode wasn't one of the best of the seasons but did have a few jumps scares and paranormal activity that we still found astounding. That's the thing with shows like these, not everything is that great, but there are bits and pieces that still make you wonder if you should believe in the world of the paranormal - if you already don't that is.

There were two cases that stood out to us. First is the one where two brothers decide to explore an abandoned church in Leeds, UK, this year, and were greeted with a 'Ghost Bride' (also the title of the case). Of course, they bolted, and if you saw the footage, that to us seemed all too real, you probably would have run to the closes exit too. The question that experts debate over were - was the bride trying to scare the brothers or lure them in?

Another case titled 'The Resident Ghost' would be classified as "classic" poltergeist activity and included thrown stuffed animals, doors opening and closing, and getting even more personal, bedsheets being pulled off. The series actually revisited an old case they had covered the prior season. It is the case of Lee Hart, the owner of a  paranormal tour guide company. After his daughter brought home a doll from an investigation, his night vision CCTV camera captured enough intense activity that made us wonder why the family still lives there. This episode did have enough to keep you watching but we have to say, we were quite bored with the UFO's and "large hairy cryptids" - aka a yeti or Big Foot or in this case 'The Ohio Grassman'. But, we have to say that these too are quite astonishing to catch on camera. In fact, the footage is eerily clear. We just don't know if it really is considered to be paranormal, but we're not the experts here.

The series as we had earlier reported isn't for the faint-hearted, but this episode (with some cases) made us wonder how real everything that's being captured is. We have to, to some extent, believe that the people - some paranormal investigator, some ordinary people - that have submitted these videos to the show are to be trusted and hope they haven't altered the video in any way. The bride caught us off guard, the apparition looked like a person in a costume, it was so clear, and made us wonder if it was real. Of course, that to a certain level is the point of the show. While we weren't fans of this episode, it did makes us wonder that is all these happenings are occurring - especially in places that are known to be haunted - why isn't' a big deal being made out of it. Of course, the question that arises is, how exactly is one supposed to get rid of ghosts?

'Paranormal Caught On Camera' airs on Sundays at 9 pm ET on the Travel Channel.

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