Who is Papa Esco 28? YouTuber Lil Esco 28's father shares photo of son in hospital bed with an IV in his arm

Papa Esco 28 has been a pillar of strength for his son and popular YouTuber Lil Esco 28. Besides helping him, Papa Esco also helps individuals and businesses in growing their brands

                            Who is Papa Esco 28? YouTuber Lil Esco 28's father shares photo of son in hospital bed with an IV in his arm
Lil Esco 28 and Papa Esco 28 (Instagram)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Social media is in shock after hearing the news of popular YouTuber Lil Esco 28 getting allegedly shot three times. The news of the unfortunate incident first surfaced after a post from Hip Hop commentator DomisLive NEWS went viral.

Esco’s father, who goes by the name of Papa Esco 28 on Instagram, revealed what his son is doing and urged everyone to pray for his speedy recovery. There is no official confirmation about what really happened and why he was allegedly shot. Not many people know that Papa Esco has been a huge inspiration and the main man behind his son’s success on social media and YouTube. Let’s know a little bit more about him.


Who is Lil Esco 28? Atlanta YouTuber, 15, hospitalized in serious condition after allegedly getting shot 3 times

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Who is Papa Esco 28?

Papa Esco, whose real name is Brian Prather, is a video creator who has helped his son in growing his brand on social media and YouTube. According to one of his social media posts, he helps various individuals and businesses in growing their brand in the outside world.

Papa Esco 28 also claims that he can assist people in getting higher views on social media and grow their business or brand.


According to the latest social media posts, Papa Esco revealed that his son, whose real name is Gavin, is currently receiving treatment in the hospital and needs everyone’s prayers to get well soon. He also shared a video of Lil Esco lying on the hospital bed with an IV in his arm. However, he seems to be doing just fine after the alleged incident as he was scrolling through his mobile.

Lil Esco 28 became famous after the viral Twitter video “Ight Ima F*** Witcha”. After being inspired by friends in the studio, he decided to start making music himself. His father played an important role in making him famous. Most of Lil Esco’s YouTube videos are created by him and he also helped him in releasing his music on Spotify. The 15-year-old has more than 4,200 monthly listeners and his music has close to 1 million plays on the music streaming service.



After being featured in Lil Esco’s social media accounts, his father has over 74,000 followers on Instagram. In the coming months, fans will be able to buy official Lil Esco merchandise as his father announced on social media recently that they are going to launch a website for the official merchandise.

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