Who is Lil Esco 28? Atlanta YouTuber, 15, hospitalized in serious condition after allegedly getting shot 3 times

The Atlanta musician and social media influencer is reportedly fighting for his life

                            Who is Lil Esco 28? Atlanta YouTuber, 15, hospitalized in serious condition after allegedly getting shot 3 times
Lil Esco 28 is reportedly in serious condition (Lil Esco 28 via Instagram)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Lil Esco 28, a 15-year-old Atlanta YouTuber, is reportedly fighting for his life after allegedly being shot three times. Details of the incident are sketchy right now, and there's a lot we don't know. The news first surfaced on social media after a post from Hip Hop commentator DomisLive NEWS — @domislivenews — went viral. 

"Lil Esco 28 Hospitalized in Serious Condition After Getting Shot 3 Times," the post read and grabbed over 1,500 likes and reactions. There is no official confirmation or reports as of now but we will update this space with the latest developments. Here's what we know so far about Lil Esco and the reported shooting.


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Lil Esco

Who is Lil Esco?

Born in 2005, he was originally named 'Gavin' according to edaily buzz. He shot to fame a few years ago after a viral video was published. In the video, he walks up to his friend and says, "Ight imma f--- witcha...," which has since become a popular internet meme. He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Talking about the most challenging thing he overcame in life, he told Vents Magazine he had to leave his house back in fifth grade and move to my aunts but did not specify why.

"I ended up having to quit playing basketball because of it. This in the end gave me a chance to find other things in life such as music at a very young age," he said.

Lil Esco, in an image posted on his Instagram account.

Capitalizing on the fame of the meme, he then turned to his passion for music. In 2020, he released his first song, titled "Ight Ima F--- Witchu". His Spotify profile also lists three other songs — 'Bummer', 'Von Dutch' and 'Corona'. His meme has also turned him into a social media celebrity. Lil Esco's Instagram account has 1.3 million followers, and he has 99.1k followers on Twitter. 

Lil Esco has also turned his celebrity status to other areas, reportedly designing and selling his own merchandise including clothing. On Instagram, he often posts pictures with his father Papa Esco 28 and the two seem to be very close to each other.


‘Please be okay bro’ 

Reports of his shooting first appeared on social media early on April 8. The only details reported are that he was shot three times and is in hospital. It is unclear where he was shot and which hospital he is in. The rumors gathered steam after his close friend, 'RobThePlayboy' posted an image on Instagram with the caption, "Please be okay bro please i love you so much please bro."


A later post on Rob's Instagram features a video of Lil Esco's father and the singer himself. In the video, Esco seems to be in good condition and is scrolling his phone. "He's ok, he's stable," his father says.


The news sparked much concern on social media. "Glad lil esco alright man bro really didnt deserve that shit," one Twitter user posted.

Another said, "Damn. Not Lil Esco 28??!! Praying For His Recovery! #GetWellLilEsco." The teenager also posted a photo on Snapchat from hospital, which was shared on Twitter. One user said, "Lil esco Is alive, he just posted on snapchat. hopefully he'll be okay tho..." A fourth post read, "Woah, lil esco aka the 'ima fuck witchu' kid got shot."






Judging from the video, the singer looks like he will make a full recovery and be back in no time. It's unclear if the family has filed a police report at this time. We will update you when we know more.