Pandemic Playlist: Top five tracks by DaBaby, winner of BET's Best Male Hip Hop Artist Award

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                            Pandemic Playlist: Top five tracks by DaBaby, winner of BET's Best Male Hip Hop Artist Award
DaBaby (Getty Images)

After an epic ceremony at the 2020 BET Awards on June 28, we've got to honor one of its champions. DaBaby, who scored the Best Male Hip Hop Artist Award, delivered a hard-hitting performance of 'Rockstar' where he referenced the killing of George Floyd as he rapped while having his head pinned to the ground by an actor in a police uniform. For those who need to get acquainted with this superstar, here are our top five picks of DaBaby songs.

'Rockstar' feat. Roddy Ricch

'Rockstar', the second single from DaBaby's third studio album 'Blame It on Baby' features fellow rapper Roddy Ricch and was released in April. The hit track spent two consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and also landed atop the charts in Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. With lyrics like, "Brand new Lamborghini, f**k a cop car. With the pistol on my hip like I'm a cop (yeah, yeah, yeah). Have you ever met a real nigga rockstar? This ain't no guitar, b***h, this a Glock," we see the rap duo taking on zombies in the official music video.


'Can't Stop'

As DaBaby fans would know, it is not uncommon for the rapper to show no-holds-barred confidence in the face of his musical competitors. 'Can't Stop' is that attitude and more as he raps over a steady beat with lyrics like, "Know I keep getting better, you thought that I wouldn't. I'ma keep lettin' off, I'm a renegade. The media blitzed and I took off and shook 'em. Came out like a boss and they feel a way (ha). Gon' end up gettin' f***ed, you keep thinkin' I'm p***y. B***h, I'm 'bout my business, it's all about timin'."


'Carpet Burn'

For those who like to live life large and lavish or listen to hip-hop about celebrity stardom, 'Carpet Burn' may be just what you need. But the history behind the track doesn't stem from lavish living. In May last year, DaBaby featured in headlines after he got into a fight with a rival rapper inside a Louis Vuitton store. Not long after the incident, the rapper named Cam Coldheart, who fired back at him on social media. This is when DaBaby started selling shirts related to the incident. In 'Carpet Burn', DaBaby pokes fun at the situation.


'Find My Way'

The slowest song on this list, 'Find My Way', features as the lead single on 'Blame It on Baby'. The track gets sultry acoustic guitar playing over an off-beat hip hop rhythm.  Filmed in California desert, the music video is directed by Reel Goats and it co-stars Instagram influencer B Simone. With scenes like flashbacks of DaBaby and Simone shooting people, the video's concept draws similarities to the story of Bonnie and Clyde.



On 'Intro', DaBaby raps at a fast pace in one of his most personal tracks with lyrics referencing his father, his daughter and his grandmother. The track sees DaBaby dropping his tough facade for a more sincere approach. 'Intro' earned both critical and public reception with Rolling Stone describing it a 'heart-wrenching portrait of loss'.


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