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The demands of King Charles: From ironed shoelaces to Kleenex Velvet toilet paper!

A carriage was constantly on the road to carry the king's 'bed, furniture, and even pictures' as he visited the country homes of his friends
UPDATED SEP 14, 2022
New King Charles III has been nicknamed a 'pampered prince' in the past (Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
New King Charles III has been nicknamed a 'pampered prince' in the past (Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

LONDON, UK: Newly sworn monarch King Charles III had only about a week on the throne, but he had lived as a king all his life. In a series of revelations by the former royal staff members, one of them, Paul Burrell, who served both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana claimed. The staff often referred to King Charles III as a "pampered prince," who would have "everything done for him."
The butler was a member of the staff at Clarence House, the residence of King Charles III from 2003 until recently. Paul Burrell had spilled the beans on his daily demands that include "putting paste on his toothbrush by valets" every morning. The details were revealed in the 2015 Amazon Prime documentary ‘Serving the Royals: Inside the Film.’


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“His pajamas are pressed every morning, his shoelaces are pressed flat with an iron, the bath plug has to be in a certain position, and the water temperature has to be just tepid,” in a bathtub filled “only half full,” the ex-butler said. He added, then Prince Charles “has his valets squeeze one inch of toothpaste onto his toothbrush every morning.” Once he was ready for the day, King Charles followed the morning routine strictly and that continued throughout the day, with precision.

“Prince Charles has a healthier option. He’d have homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit, fresh fruit juices,” Chef Graham Newbould, who had served royal staff said.

The former staffer added, “Wherever the prince goes in the world, the breakfast box goes with him. He has six different types of honey, some special mueslis, his dried fruit, and anything that’s a bit special that he is a bit fussy about.”

King Charles III likes having his cheese and biscuits be prepared at a particular temperature at the end of every meal and made sure there is a warming tray nearby. “Since he’s particular about everything”, an insider to royal claimed to myLondon.
Now you may find this a bit strange but it was not just his breakfast box that traveled with King Charles, but in ‘The Palace Papers,' Tina Brown reported that a van was always on the move carrying his “bed, furniture and even pictures” with him, while he visited his friends’ country houses. He even brought his own toilet seat and Kleenex Velvet toilet paper on all his travels.