Taking sides: Pamela Anderson supports son Brandon in his fight with Tommy Lee

Pamela is all for Brandon when it comes to the feud between father and son since she feels the Motley Crue drummer has never acted like a real dad to him.

                            Taking sides: Pamela Anderson supports son Brandon in his fight with Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson (Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson is supporting her son Brandon Lee while his relationship with his father, Tommy Lee goes crumbling down. This comes after Tommy took to his Instagram to discuss his anger as a father, right on Father's Day. The Motley Crue drummer was quick to point out that his sons, Brandon and Dylan did not appreciate the “value of things" while hinting that Pamela was partially at fault for “enabling bad behavior.” The father-son duo has been at loggerheads for some time now and this Twitter feud just fanned the flames further.

Pamela is taking her son, Brandon's side (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

This was followed by Brandon posting a video of Tommy which showed the drummer being fast asleep in his underwear. He captioned the picture as, " right back to f**kin sleep." While the relationship between the two does not hint at getting better any time soon, a source close to Pamela has told ET that she is taking her son, Brandon's side on this. 

“Pamela stands by Brandon’s reaction to his father's post,” the source said. “She believes Brandon has the right to protect himself and the family. In Pam's eyes, while Brandon is Tommy's biological son, that doesn't make Tommy a real father.” The source claims that Pamela believes Tommy has not done anything because of which he should be known as her son's real dad. 


Tommy recently criticized Pamela for the behavior of his kids  (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

“Being there for all the years the kids were growing would make him their real father,” the source added. “Being supportive and kind and getting help would mean the world to his boys. This is a family in crisis and Tommy needs to make a change.” The source went on to add that Brandon has no interest in bringing his family matters to the public but is forced to do so looking at how Tommy takes the matter to social media. 

“They believe social media has become [Lee’s] toxic way to communicate with the family. While Brandon wants privacy and would prefer to not engage, he plans to defend himself, his brother and his mother at any cost,” the source added. “He will not put up with Tommy bad mouthing the family.” The source also shed light on why the son and father were feuding once again. 

“Tommy's comments came after he was upset that Brandon hadn't wished him a happy Father's Day,” the insider continued. “He immediately went on the attack. It's true, Brandon didn't wish his father a happy Father's Day because he believes his father still hasn't gotten the help he needs. He wants his father to be clean and sober and stay that way. He feels they won't be able to have a healthy relationship until that happens.”

The insider added that Tommy might have made a mistake by taking their family matter to social media once again. "So many of his statements were inappropriate, hurtful and untrue. Brandon and Dylan are both very well-behaved, good boys and Pamela has worked very hard as their mother to raise them that way," the source added.