'Pam & Tommy' Episode 6 Recap: Pamela suffers humiliation after forced to see sex tape

'Pam & Tommy' Episode 6 Recap: Pamela suffers humiliation after forced to see sex tape
Lily James as Pamela Anderson in 'Pam & Tommy' Episode 6 (Hulu)

In the previous episode of ‘Pam & Tommy’ we saw Pamela Anderson dealing with the sorrow of losing a child while Tommy Lee is trying to find the person who has leaked the tape. However, they get BOMBSHELL news that someone at the Penthouse Magazine has the sex tape and they are planning to release some clips of that. Tommy filed a suit against them and Penthouse Magazine founder Bob Guccione felt it was a violation of his freedom of speech.

In the end, we see Pamela (Lily James) being called for a deposition while Tommy (Sebastian Stan) isn’t called for the same. As soon as the latest episode starts, you get to know why Tommy wasn’t called. It was the classic case of misogyny and how the world wanted to blame a woman for something that has between two consenting adults. Pamela is sitting in a room and facing all the embarrassing questions from a lawyer.


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The lawyer asks her if she knew if Tommy engaged in the services of prostitutes and she answers the question by saying “no”. Later, he went on to ask if she has ever been paid to perform a sex act. Pamela is infuriated by the question and angrily denies having sex for money. This is when we go into the flashback and see Pamela shooting for Playboy Magazine for the first time. Hugh Hefner was already a fan of her and told her to “separate her price from her worth.”

A still from 'Pam & Tommy' (Hulu)


The lawyer also tried to accuse her of working for Penthouse Magazine because Playboy Magazine and Hefner did not give her a substantial increase in compensation. The lawyer tried to say that she purposely sold that sex tape to Penthouse Magazine so that she could earn hefty money. But everything turns even more upsetting when Pam is shown some clips from her sex tape and asked questions about it.

She felt disgusted by it and the questions that were asked by the lawyers. Pam’s condition worsened and pukes in the bathroom. One of the women representing the other side told her that she has never seen a “disgusting” deposition like that.

A still from 'Pam & Tommy' (Hulu)


The episode ended with Pamela telling her lawyer that she won’t answer any further questions and if he’s unable to do that, she will get another lawyer. Pamela left the office with unease while Tommy is still enjoying at home.

‘Pam & Tommy’ returns to Hulu with a new episode every Wednesday.

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