'Pam & Tommy' Episode 1: Operation Karma begins as sex tape surfaces for first time

'Pam & Tommy' Episode 1: Operation Karma begins as sex tape surfaces for first time
Seth Rogen (Rand Gauthier) and Sebastian Stan (Tommy Lee) in 'Pam & Tommy' (Hulu)

‘Pam and Tommy’ on Hulu is not just one of the most controversial shows of 2022, it is also one of the highly anticipated shows as well. The Hulu show revolves around Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, who changed the Internet forever with the illegal leak of their sex tape. The show explores what lead to the leak and why did Rand Gauthier steal it.

The first episode of the show tells us a lot about Tommy’s disgraceful behavior toward others. Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan) is renovating his house after getting married to superstar Pamela Anderson (Lily James). The carpenter doing all the work was Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen) and when he felt that everything was going fine, Tommy comes and says that he wants the design to change. Rand believes it’s too complicated and would cost money.


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Tommy says money is not an issue. He says that after it is revealed that he has not paid him and owes him almost $9000. On the other hand, Tommy changes the plan again and says he needs a waterbed. But the contractor states that he wants all the money upfront. One fine day, Rand was looking for Tommy when he accidentally stumbles upon Pamela and sees her in underwear. Pam tells Tommy about it and he confronts Rand. Rand says he was looking for him so that he could get the money, but Tommy says that he did a shoddy job and he is fired.

A few days later, Rand came back to get his tools. After taking the tools, he was just about to leave the property when Tommy comes out with a shotgun and points it at him. Rand says that he is just getting his tools back. Tommy tells him that he is not taking anything out because he left the work and now he would have to ask someone else to do the work. He points the gun at him and tells him to leave without his tools.


Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee in 'Pam & Tommy' (Hulu)


Rand gets angry and makes a plan to take revenge. So, he takes a couple of months to notice every moment at Tommy and Pamela’s house to make a full-proof plan. Rand goes inside their house wearing white fur that looks like the dog they owned. The guy who watched the camera didn’t notice anything suspicious and thought that it was just the dog.

He named this heist ‘Operation Karma’ and was able to steal the entire safe from the garage. After opening the safe, he found a lot of things like guns, rifles, money, jewelry, and a video camera. In the end, he visits his Uncle Miltie (Nick Offerman) and shows him the camera. Now, that’s the first that the sex tape was exposed to someone and as of now, they have no idea of what to do with it.

So, it was Tommy’s behavior that gave birth to the idea of stealing.

‘Pam & Tommy’ returns to Hulu with a new episode every Wednesday.


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