'I have no ass': Paige Spiranac hits back at trolls who don't believe in her golf abilities

Paige Spiranac responded to her trollers by showcasing her pure gold swing in the video

                            'I have no ass': Paige Spiranac hits back at trolls who don't believe in her golf abilities
The golf star took a jibe towards her trollers who don’t believe her abilities in golf(Instagram/@_paige.renee)

Paige Spiranac, former professional golfer turned sports media personality, posted a video on Tuesday, March 1, on Instagram where she gave it back to her critics and showed her powerful golf swing. 

The golf star, who enjoys a fanbase of 3.2 million followers on Instagram, took a jibe at her critics who don’t believe in her abilities in the sport. The golf star explained on her Instagram why she doesn’t capture herself from behind while hitting drives at a golf simulator. She wrote in the caption, “People think I don’t show my shots from the back view because I suck but really it’s because I have no ass and a s**ty take away.” 


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In the video, Spiranac can be seen responding to her trollers while showcasing her pure gold swing. The song playing in her background 'Work' by Gang Starr compliments her powerful clip.

She wrote on her footage, “How people think I play golf.” The ball crosses a distance of 63 yards. The influencer then showcased her powerful drive and range, and wrote, “How I actually play,” and the ball crosses 280 yards’ distance. Her fans appreciated her powerful swing and praised her beauty.



One of the fans wrote: "You're the only one I'm inspired with" while another praised her beauty and wrote, “Very beautiful.” Another Spiranac follower appreciated her world-class swing and commented, “I know that you are a world class golfer. Great pull back from the tee and great follow-through. And, it goes without saying that you have a great shape. Thank you for showcasing your beauty and form. Thank you for sharing.”

Spiranac, who played at the University of Arizona and San Diego State University, is co-hosting a podcast with golf media personality Amanda Rose. The podcast is adding to her massive following in the golf world. In her latest podcast with her new co-host Amanda Rose, she discussed Phil Mickelson’s controversy. Spiranac criticized Greg Norman over his performance and said he was "sleeping with the fishies" and "he is not doing well". The podcast pair also discussed the Saudi golf league.

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