Paddy McGuinness praises his wife amid rumors that their marriage is hanging by the thread

Paddy McGuinness and Christine might have made it look like there was trouble in paradise but things look different now.

                            Paddy McGuinness praises his wife amid rumors that their marriage is hanging by the thread
(L-R) Christine Martin and Paddy McGuinness (Source: Getty Images)

Paddy McGuinness and his wife Christine have not spoken publicly about their relationship ever since photos of Paddy walking arm in arm with Nicole Appleton surfaced on the internet. However, he has finally broken his silence and come out and spoken about his wife and the mother of his three children. 

"She’s beautiful on the outside but she’s even more beautiful on the inside, trust me," he told in the latest issue of OK! Magazine. "What she does for our kids is amazing." The comedian could not stop himself from gushing about the time he first met his wife. "The first time I met Christine I thought, my God, she’s absolutely stunning! But we got on straight away and it was more than looks". The news comes after Mirror reported that Paddy had lied to his wife about being out when he was with Nicole. 

The paparazzi caught him enjoying the night out with Nicole and that seemed to have caused between the pair. After seeing the photos, the magazine reports that Christine was reportedly "heartbroken and humiliated" and allegedly told her friends that "He has broken my trust." 

The magazine went on to claim that close friends of Christine were disappointed to see that Nicole hadn't come forward and commented anything with regard to the situation. "It is very telling that Nicole has done nothing to dispel the rumors or clarify what happened. We can’t believe she hasn’t said anything," a close friend of Christine told the magazine. 

The 43-year-old singer was last spotted leaving her home with a big suitcase and had stayed away from social media ever since the photo emerged. People were convinced that the two were headed for a split and had decided to stay apart till then. However, their recent interview shows that the couple is happy and trying to enjoy as much time they can with their kids and as a family.

Last year, the pair spoke about the time when they discovered the twins, Leo and, Penelope suffers from autism. The couple added that they feared Felicity also showed signs of the same but they could not be sure as she was too young to be formally diagnosed. Nonetheless, Paddy believes that he and Christine are learning about parenthood every day. 

"Every day we are learning how to cope better. We're excited for the future. There are days when it’s horrendous and there are other days when it’s mega fantastic," he told the magazine. The couple added that they just hope their kids grow up to become independent.

"All I want is for my kids to grow up being independent," he explained. "I couldn’t give a toss what they do as a job, I just want them to have their independence. Every parent worries about their kids, but with our three it’s a different ball game altogether." As for the rumors surrounding Nicole and Paddy, Christine believed that some of the crisis they faced as a family made them change things as a family. 

“As a family, we’ve had an awful lot to deal with, but you can only do your best in a relationship and like anything else, it takes working at and we’re working things through," she said. “We’ve always been extremely private; we’ve been together 11 years and there have been ups and downs. I was 19 when we met. We’ve been through a lot as a couple in private, but I still love Paddy.”