'Outmatched' Episode 6: Leila's response to Kay's school nemesis amuses fans while Marc terrifies them

'Outmatched' Episode 6: Leila's response to Kay's school nemesis amuses fans while Marc terrifies them

Spoiler alert for 'Outmatched' Season 1 Episode 6 'Bullying'

In this week's episode of 'Outmatched' on Fox, Kay and Mike have to deal with teaching their genius kids about bullying as one of the parents confront their own past as a bully in high school.

When Marc gets into trouble for bullying a teacher, the parents agree to transfer him to a school more suited to his needs. Unfortunately, the head of the school, Dr Andy Walker, was a former victim of Kay's back in high school.

When Kay finally remembers who Walker is, she realizes that she played a mean prank on him because he was a creep and got her friend expelled for not returning his feelings. Remembering that she is a parent now, however, Kay apologizes, only for Walker to be smug and rub it in her face.

The kids don't stand for it, however, and Brian, Nicole, Marc and Leila all give a piece of their minds to Walker. Leila tells him, "You're a d--k," while Nicole and Brian make fun of Walker's IQ. It was Marc who got Walker to cry, however, after whispering something in her ears.


Leila's response had the fans cheering on the "normal one," while Marc terrified most of them. One fan tweeted, "I don’t even want to know what Marc whispers in Andy Walker's ear because I swear that boy is literally the miniature version of TED BUNDY. #Outmatched."

Another fan wrote, "The littlest of the #Outmatched girls calling Dr. Walker the four-letter D-word = Extremely Funny!"

Some fans also relived their own high school experiences, with one tweeting, "Another fun episode. Been out of high school for 12 years. This reminded me how glad I am to live in a different city from the one I went to school in. #Outmatched."


Another viewer wrote, "I think the moral of this is to not relive high school if at all possible. #Outmatched."

Fans applauded Kay's behavior. A viewer tweeted, "Kay stands up for her friends. Seriously, she is a hero. Especially since she stopped herself from slapping this horrible principal." 

Viewers also hope the episode will serve as a learning tool for kids, with one saying, "Maybe this episode of #Outmatched will help one young viewer out there realize that being a bully is harmful to others, and change their ways."

'Outmatched' airs on Fox on Thursday at 7.30 pm CST.


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