Outmatched' Episode 2: Cay and Mike have to face their genius kids for 'the birds and the bees' talk

Outmatched' Episode 2: Cay and Mike have to face their genius kids for 'the birds and the bees' talk
Maggie Lawson as Cay and Jason Biggs as Mike (Fox)

Spoiler alert for 'Outmatched' Season 1

Parenting is a hard concept to wrap your head around but raising kids who know way too much for their tender age is a greater challenge. This Atlantic City family has six members, three of them are Einsteins. In today's episode of 'Outmatched,' we see parents Cay (Maggie Lawson) and Mike (Jason Biggs) take the big step and decide to have "the birds and the bees" conversation with their growing children. Leila (Oakley Bull), the baby of the family, proves to be the easiest but then how do you "talk sex" to children more intelligent than their parents combined?

After finding a "plastic heart valve" that looked like a "plastic lady body part" courtesy of one of their older children, Brian's (Connor Kalopsis) 3D printer, parents Cay, and Mike decide that they must speak to their children about sex. Brian, Nicole (Ashley Boettcher) and Marc (Jack Stanton), the three mini mega intellectuals, are called in for "the talk" and what ensues is unexpected mental chaos.

Cay and Mike stick to the facts and the importance of safety and responsibility only to realize that the aftereffects of such conversations are frustrating. Proud of themselves for being informative and mature during the talks, Cay and Mike didn't expect their kids to get in their heads. During the talk, Nicole focuses on sex as a "power game" that always has a winner and a loser while Brian talks about the biology of things, Marc delivers STD death statistics and little Leila tells the "stork drops the baby off" story.

Hearing other unwelcome facts from their relentlessly smart children, Cay and Mike hit a roadblock when it comes to their own bedroom activities. After the mortifying conversation with their parents, Nicole and Brian realize that both of them hadn't had their first kiss, and so decide to meticulously tick off that rite of passage. Being geniuses and unable to deal with the fact that people their age are ahead of them in the "love game," the duo get to work. Brian 3D prints a model to practice on naming the thermoplastic mouth "half-face" while Nicole goes on a "first kiss search" using an algorithm based on the guy's "reputation, reliability, and quality of character."

Meanwhile, Cay vents to her friend, Rita (Tisha Campbell), while Mike vents to his best friend, Erwin, Rita's husband, (Finesse Mitchell) about their eight weeks of zero bedroom time. The advice they get was to be "surprising" and add in a little role play. When a "surprise" led to a throat punch and the "sexy" Mrs Maisel outfit failed to bring in sparks, Cay focused her energy on baking bread while Mike tries soda tasting. Needless to say though, the parents end up fine with "sexy time" back on track while Nicole and Brian realize they don't have to be ready to do things just because their peers are.

While everything works out in the end, the struggles that Cay and Mike have to face are unique to say in the least. This hilarious episode shows how an already awkward conversation about responsible sex takes a turn for the worse when the kids know more facts about the forbidden act than their parents do.

'Outmatched' airs every Thursday at 7.30 pm CST on Fox.


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