'Outlaw King': Chris Pine's full-frontal glory, epic war scenes, makes this Netflix movie a must-watch

Pine's performance stands out exceptionally and includes full frontal nudity, and an interesting Scottish accent

                            'Outlaw King': Chris Pine's full-frontal glory, epic war scenes, makes this Netflix movie a must-watch

Attention, Chris Pine fans! Your time to rejoice is here as he is all geared up with his upcoming venture, 'Outlaw King,' which as per social media, is more gruesome than HBO's 'Game of Thrones.' An extension of the 1995 Mel Gibson masterpiece 'Braveheart' that won five Academy Awards, David Mackenzie's 'Outlaw King' revolves around the same story with a whole side of humor, a pinch of energy, and, of course, a golden trio when it comes to the main cast.

Starring alongside phenomenal actors like Aaron Taylor Johnson, Florence Pugh, and Stephen Dillane, aka our favorite Stannis Baratheon from 'Game of Thrones,' Pine's performance stands out exceptionally and includes full frontal nudity, and an interesting Scottish accent.

Yet, there's more to the story than some macho hunk with a swoon-worthy accent. This is Pine in all his rugged glory - a never-seen-before avatar that almost makes you want to overlook his clueless con-man act in the second Princess Diaries movie. And, to make it easier for fans to be convinced this is the one Netflix movie you need to watch for sure, here are five absolutely mesmerizing aspects of the film that will draw you in.

1. Chris Pine's full-frontal nudity
That's right. As Vulture would have you believe, Pine's penis dazzles in this war-drama. The news of his full-frontal nudity spread soon after the movie screened at the Toronto Film Festival. Following that, his fans took to social media to establish what a glorious opportunity this is. So, if you're a fan who wasn't aware of this chance until now, you should definitely not give 'Outlaw King' a miss.

2. Chris Pine's thick Scottish accent
The only thing that could probably serve as a cherry on top of that delicacy is Pine's thick European accent coming out of his mouth. And this time, it's Scottish - which inevitably brought in comparisons with 'Game of Thrones,' but we shall discuss that later. Right now, it's about Pine charging an army into battle as Robert the Bruce, the King of Scots. As the film tries to encompass the story of the king trying to regain control of Scotland, after being declared an outlaw by the King of England, everything is sort of made a million times more aesthetically pleasing with Pine's impression of a Scottish accent. You need to hear it now!

3. More brutal than 'Game of Thrones'
Marching a rebellion is not an easy feat, and also what's not easy is witnessing the blood, gore and violence the process of regaining Scotland would require. However, if neither of those morbid things bothers you, certain fans and critics have labeled 'Outlaw King' a more brutal assault than 'Game of Thrones.'

GoT already gave us a fair idea of exactly how firmly the Scottish believed in violence and exactly how prepared to be brutal they were at all times. And, the fact that history has documented the said 14th century battle the drama is going to depict, as one of the most visceral battles in the history of horrifying battles, it can be expected there will probably be a combined amount of gore and violence as has seen in the entirety of GoT so far.

4. A modern day take on 'Braveheart'
Like we had mentioned earlier, this extension of the story of 'Braveheart' has a more contemporary spin to it in the form of both humor, and execution. There's a certain energy to it that just oozes Oscar potential. And by that, we mean in a lot of the technical fields mostly, like costume design, cinematography, and, of course, production design. The fact that the experts in charge of those technicalities are all Emmy and Oscars award holders already, only shines the film's prospective journey to the Academy Awards more clearly.

5. Based on a true story
Now is probably the time that you would go "D'uh, it's a part of history"; but what's interesting is that this is probably one of the most defining differences that will set 'Outlaw King' apart from the already widely acclaimed 'Game of Thrones.'

GoT is fiction. And no matter how ruthlessly writer George R. R. Martin likes to sabotage the feelings of fans by brutally murdering characters, it's easier to watch the show and shrug it off because there's no concrete evidence to establish that a mother of three dragons or children of the forest, or a three-eyed raven ever existed in the form of humans. However, all of this blood and gore we are to witness in 'Outlaw King' likely happened, making it all the more horrifying.