'Our cook looked like he was gonna pass out': Keanu Reeves poses with staff during surprise visit to local pub in UK

'Our cook looked like he was gonna pass out': Keanu Reeves poses with staff during surprise visit to local pub in UK
Keanu Reeves is said to have treated himself to fish and chips during a visit to The Robin Hood in Tring. (Facebook)

TRING, HERTFORDSHIRE: Keanu Reeves proves he is the kindest celebrity as the 'John Wick' star made a surprise visit at a local British pub and then proceeded to thank the staff for the lunch. The 58-year-old actor appeared to be "more than happy" to chat with the two chefs in the kitchen while also posing with the bartender. Reeves reportedly stopped at The Robin Hood in Tring at around 12:30 pm for a midday lunch on Saturday, February 4. 


"He came to the bar and ordered a beer (Seafarers Ale) and just walked over to the corner. He ordered fish and chips and Nat's shepherd's pie," Barmaid Laura Rolfe told Metro while also adding that she uttered an expletive to owner Stewart Canham at the sight of the A-lister. "When I took the cutlery down, I asked, 'Oh is someone else joining you?' but he said, 'No, we want to try both'. He was with someone else. Presumably a driver or friend, maybe?" she shared. Laura admitted that she left the actor in peace for he "deserved to sit and enjoy his lunch just like anyone else."


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After finishing his lunch, Reeves walked over to the bar and stepped into the kitchen. There, he shook hands with the two guys working in the area and thanked them for his lunch. The actor also posed with the employees for some photos behind the bar. "One of our cooks was so excited he looked as though he was going to pass out," Laura joked. 



"He didn’t explain why he was in Tring, but I didn’t ask. When customers come in, they’re entitled to sit and have lunch in private without anyone asking about their business," Laura called. She called Reeves a "lovely" person, however, the renowned actor did not stick for too long and was out the door soon enough, "and that was that!" 


'Freaking out'

Another employee at The Robin Hood shared his experience of cooking for 'The Matrix' star. "It was a bit worrying because I had to cook for him but we took it out to him and he said thank you and was really nice," 18-year-old Scott Valentine told BBC. The young cook revealed that he could not believe it was the Canadian actor at first. "I went to get a drink from the bar and saw him ordering a drink," he said, adding, "I thought 'that looks a bit like Keanu Reeves' then went back into the kitchen and thought nothing of it."

However, after getting ensured by his colleague Laura that it was, in fact, the famous actor, Valentine admitted that he was "freaking out." "He came into the kitchen, shook our hands, and said the food was lovely. He took the photo and I put it on my Instagram and it blew up quite a lot. Loads of people said it was amazing and they were really jealous," he said, recounting the events. 

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 'Our cook looked like he was gonna pass out': Keanu Reeves makes surprise visit to UK pub