Siblings reunite for first time after horror car crash killed their parents and baby sister

Siblings reunite for first time after horror car crash killed their parents and baby sister
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In a horrific accident in San Angelo, Texas, Jim Clemens and his wife Karisa were killed along with their two-month-old daughter in a head-on crash earlier this month, reported Fox News.

However, the couple's two other children, who sustained serious injuries in the crash, were reunited for the first time after the accident.

The children's great aunt, Teresa Burrell, posted on Facebook that 8-year-old Angela Clemens was reunited with her five-year-old brother Zachary Clemens.

“Yesterday, he [Zachary] was able to leave his bed and get into the wheelchair for the first time. He and Angie were able to see each other for the first time. Angie has had a lot of brain injuries, but yesterday she was able to read and sing with us. Our hearts are so full of the miracles we are experiencing,” she wrote on April 27.

“This is Zachary and Angie. They are able to touch each other for the first time since the accident. Our prayers are with these little ones who have a long journey of healing ahead,” she added.


The Clemens was returning home from a family vacation when the driver of a Tahoe lost control of his vehicle and hit the family's Suburban. KTXS-TV reported that Angela, Zachary, and their two other siblings 2-year-old Nicholas and 4-year-old Wyatt sustained injuries from the head-on collision on Saturday, April 7.

While the children's parents, 29-year-old Karisa Brianne Clemens and her husband, 31-year-old Jim Alan Clemens died on the spot, their 2-month-old sister Juliana lost her life as well.

Wyatt, Angie, and Zachary were rushed to the emergency room in critical condition. However, their 2-year-old brother astonishingly escaped the dreadful accident with only minor injuries and is now with his grandmother while his three siblings undergo treatment and care at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

"Little Zachary broke his back, but could feel his toes and that's awesome. But when they took him in for surgery his lungs, they really struggled,” Burrell said, according to KTXS-TV.


As a result of the impact, Wyatt was paralyzed on his left side and suffered strokes after the accident. Fortunately, he's recuperating. On the other hand, Angie suffered various injuries to the brain as a result of the crash and recently awoke from a coma. Their great-aunt Burrell continued on Facebook saying that the 4-year-old is an "active little boy who is walking (carefully) and playing. He rarely sits still.”

Burrell updated concerned friends and family about the children's road to recovery, saying that Angela is now able to feed herself, Zachary has been practicing his breathing exercises to help his lungs by blowing bubbles and Wyatt is climbing and walking. But she said they were far from recovering fully and still had a lot of work to do.

She added: “Through it all the family from both sides continue to love, support and pray for these children. It has been a sacred experience serving these special little ones. Thank you again for your prayers and support. We are feeling so blessed.”


As of now, two different fundraisers have been set up online to help the family cover medical and funeral expenses. On Facebook, one fundraiser reportedly raised more than $120,000. The other one hosted on has crossed $50,000.

People magazine reported that local law enforcement authorities are still investigating how the crash took place and gathering additional related details.

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