Ashley Palmer: Oregon mom kills son, daughter and herself to avoid custody battle with ex-wife

Many Twitter users shared their views on how cruel the choice of the mother was and that she would 'burn in hell' for the murder

                            Ashley Palmer: Oregon mom kills son, daughter and herself to avoid custody battle with ex-wife
A murder-suicide costing three lives has shaken up the Gresham community. (Photo: Gresham Police Department Facebook)

Trigger Warning: This article includes comments about suicide 

GRESHAM, OREGON: An Oregon mother was involved in a heated custody fight with her ex-wife, which resulted in her killing herself and her two children, reveals authorities. Following up on a welfare check, police discovered Ashley Palmer, 31, her six-year-old daughter Kayleana Beatrice Palmer, and her eight-year-old son Xavier Rayvaughn Danger Palmer dead from apparent gunshot wounds in their Gresham apartment on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. 

Palmer and her wife, Jenavie Palmer, had divorced two years ago and were in the middle of a "pretty bad" custody battle. Jenavie Palmer, 34, told The Oregonian, "We were in the middle of trial and the children were going back and forth between our houses." Jenavie, who resides in Portland, claimed she and her ex-wife were discussing the prospect of sharing custody of their children, and the sudden killing shocked her.


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A 31-year-old Oregon mom kills her children before killing herself. (Photo: The Rockwood Village Team)

Just hours before the bodies were discovered, Ashley Palmer sent Jenavie an alarming text. According to a report in the publication, the message included a YouTube link to a music playlist with the words "mother children murder suicide 2022." Jenavie Palmer said she dialed 911, and officers arrived at the Gresham residence but were unable to enter. Sadly, Jenavie was supposed to meet the son and daughter on May 10, 2022, after a whole month but Ashley pulled the tragic event. 


Jenavie Palmer told the newspaper, "They were loved," adding, “They had their whole lives ahead of them and it was stolen from them. They are going to be very, very missed.” According to court records obtained by The Oregonian, Ashley Palmer had previously alleged in court that her former spouse would endanger the couple's children if partial custody was granted. As per the appeal in July 2021 an emergency order was issued but was later revoked after it was determined that Kayleana and Xavier were not in danger.


In late February 2022, Ashley's second plea for an immediate danger order was later denied by the judge. Jenavie then filed for joint custody of the children in April, 2022 stating in court that Ashley Palmer had previously been accused of assaulting her while they resided in Idaho, but the matter was eventually dropped. After the shocking murder-suicide, everyone around has expressed their sadness, including the neighbors.


On Twitter, many people shared their condolences and views on this tragic news. One user wrote, “The idea that some parents consider their children to be possessions is so infuriating, it makes me wish they could be pulled from the grave  and…” while another said, “But isn't it a woman's right to chose??? She'll burn in hell!” Another user wrote, “This isn’t much different than the abortion bill democrats just voted for . Thank god it didn’t pass” while another commented, “Women can be such sore losers sometimes.... sad!”








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