Disgraced dad Travis Fieldgrove who was jailed for sex with daughter says ‘life is amazing’ post prison

'My best advice is love one another and just get along cause being locked up ain't a good life,' said Travis Fieldgrove after his release

                            Disgraced dad Travis Fieldgrove who was jailed for sex with daughter says ‘life is amazing’ post prison
Travis Fieldgrove (L) had sex with his daughter Samantha Kershner (R) in 2018 (Facebook/ Travis Fieldgrove and Hall County Jail)

HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA: A father, who was jailed for having sex with his biological daughter, is now reportedly doling out life advice after his release. The 42-year-old Travis Fieldgrove was involved in a sexual relationship with his daughter Samantha Kershner in 2018, when she was 21. The illegal act happened three years after the two met for the first time when Samantha Kershner was 17.

The court documents included a statement from Kershner that said “her motivation to have sex with her father stemmed from a jealous competition with her half-sister regarding who could have sex with their father.” Their crime reportedly came to light after Fieldgrove’s former partner informed police about it and in 2019, the man was found guilty and sent behind bars for two years.


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Kershner was also reportedly awarded 22 days behind the bars and her father was ordered not to contact her after being released from jail. Earlier this year, Fieldgrove got out of jail after completing his sentence and it seems he has had a change of heart as he regularly shares posts about life, and importance of family and love on his Facebook page.

One of his posts was: “One thing I realized that my past I wasn't the man I wanted to be when I went to prison then I took classes I didn't have to take just to pass by the time but they actually help me in the long run. I learned for the first time and it help me realise deep down under the hood man is under all that garbage so I dug and dug for days while I was locked up and it change my life and my life now is amazing.”



It added: “I wish I would've went to prison a long time ago. My best advice is love one another and just get along cause being locked up ain't a good life.”

His most recent share read, “I know life is hard from time to time but when u have family and grand daughters and friends and someone that care alot for you it makes you stop and think life makes it the way you want it to be and to keep pushing forward to a better life and it made me stronger to keep pushing forward for the life I always wanted and it made my heart grow bigger then ever and I just want to tell these people that I'm glad they gave me the chance to show them the guy I'm sopost to be and it took me 38 years to grow up and realize that the life I hade wasn't me and that I wanted to be the man imnsopost to be and don't get me wrong I'm sceard to death of the change in my life but I have these people for support and I'm thankful for that and I set goals now and I'm gonna fight hard to keep that goal and achieve them cause it's time I get the life I always wanted and I ain't got to lie but I cry at nights to fall a sleep and I love talking to people about this cause it lifts the weights of my shoulders so thanks to all for being sportive to me and "God Bless To All" and have a blessed and worthy rest of the morninh.”



However, one of Fieldgrove’s posts hinted that he’s struggling as he wrote, “Life is hard sometimes & I know that but it fills like I'm failing my dreams & I work so hard to get where I'm at today and now I fill empty inside like there is no hope for me anywhere so I fill like saying I give up now.”