OnlyFans model Belle Grace saves man’s life after noticing something GHASTLY during X-rated video call

OnlyFans model Belle Grace saves man’s life after noticing something GHASTLY during X-rated video call
OnlyFans model with a healthcare background saved a man's life after noticing an alarming detail (Instagram/@xxbellegracexx)

YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM: A man's life was saved by an OnlyFans model who noticed something alarming and encouraged her client to go to the doctor's for a check-up. When the man hesitated and said he was embarrassed, the model insisted and asked him to get his "peace of mind" and nothing more. Belle Grace, healthcare worker turned OF model, had been hosting sessions for the man for almost six months but had not noticed anything up until recently. 

The highly experienced OF model told Yahoo Lifestyle that one of the man's testicles was unusually larger than before and had grown at an alarming rate. Luckily for the man, Belle's healthcare background came in handy as she realized that it was not normal and urged her regular client to go and get himself checked. She explained, "I said honestly, ‘I do think you should get it checked out’. And it took me about four, five weeks to actually convince him. He did turn around and say, ‘Look, I’m really embarrassed about it. I don’t actually want to go’. I said, ‘Honestly, just go, you’ll be fine. Just get that peace of mind that everything’s okay." With little to no surprise, it was determined that the man had raging testicular cancer.


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OnlyFans model points out testicular cancer, saves man's life

With Belle's help, the man reached just in time as the doctors were able to catch it before it spread any further. The man couldn't help but thank Belle and her persuasive nature. The man who chose to remain anonymous accepted his embarrassment about his condition and said, "I can’t thank Belle enough for encouraging me to make the doctor's appointment. I honestly didn’t think anything was wrong." Some of the obvious signs of testicular cancer are lumps or enlargement in either testicle, feeling of heaviness in the scrotum, dull ache in the abdomen or groin, or even back pain. 


The reason why Belle Grace left her budding career in healthcare was that she realized the amount of money she was earning from OnlyFans by doing part-time was four to five times more than her full-time job. She said, "It ended up with me earning four or five times as much on OnlyFans part-time than I was making full-time at work. I just felt uncomfortable being at work you know, just people talking, and then it would become an uncomfortable environment. I just ended up leaving quite quickly." With time, she has become one of the most popular creators and is in the 0.1 percent of earners on the popular platform. She was making $1,800 per month as a medical receptionist and is now earning over $75,000 per month on the platform.

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