Nova Jewels: OnlyFans model dresses as sexy Santa to get men into festive spirit of giving

Nova Jewels: OnlyFans model dresses as sexy Santa to get men into festive spirit of giving
Nova Jewels dressed up as sexy Santa (Photo by novaaajewels/Instagram)

OnlyFans model and cam girl Nova Jewels has shared how to get men's hearts racing for Christmas and her plans for the holidays in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star. Nova Jewels believes that men are more generous during the holidays as she receives hundreds of pounds in tips during the festive season. The 25-year-old from the United Kingdom started working in the sex industry last summer and hasn't looked back since.

When Nova was working in retail, she learned that long hours for minimal were taking up her precious time and she didn't have much money to show for it. Nova wanted to make a lot of money in her second Christmas as an OnlyFans model and her first winter as a cam girl. And for that she dressed up as a seductive Santa to get people's hearts racing. Nova shared the key to men's kinks in an exclusive interview with Daily Star and what she'll be doing over the holidays.


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“My clients are generally obsessed with the whole sexy Santa outfit,” she remarked, “I put on a red and white Santa lingerie set with a pair of black heeled boots, and that’s them in love, It’s easy for them to be pleased." She also added, “Last year was my first Christmas dabbling in the industry, and I received a couple of hundred pounds in tips, so I’m looking forward to seeing what this year has in store now that I’m fully immersed in it. I still have regular clients from the previous year, so I’m confident they’ll deliver.”




Nova has decided to spend Christmas Day like the rest of us, eating and seeing family, despite the fact that the holiday season is profitable for her. Nova said, “There’s no way I’ll be working at Christmas, I’ve worked in the hospitality and retail industries since I was 15 years old, so I’ve had literally no time off at Christmas. I can’t wait to have my second Christmas being able to take as much time off as I want and spend every day with friends and family!” Nova said that she can now spend time with her family for the first time in 10 years, thanks to her decision to leave her 'conventional' line of work. “Christmas Day will be me waking up at 6 am (I am still a complete child at this point),” she remarked.


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