One Direction has been hinting all along that their reunion is 'inevitable'. Here's how

One Direction has been hinting all along that their reunion is 'inevitable'. Here's how

One Direction's  Zayn Malik left the group in 2015, and the rest of the band split up a year later. After three years of waiting and being in the dark, there can still be hope for Directioners. Even Louis Tomlinson is talking about it!

Talking to ODE Entertainment, the “Two of Us” singer, Louis, said that if it were up to him, they’d definitely get back together for another go at it, although he didn’t specify if this reunion would involve a tour. He said, “I do think it will happen....I think it’s inevitable." That is our first clue there, call it an unofficial confirmation, maybe. In his own words, he’d “certainly have something to say about it if it didn’t.” 

The band began hinting about it early this year as well when Liam and Niall were seen plotting an epic 1D return and even wanted to bring in Shawn Mendes. Safe to say, they’re already on board with it.  After a  fan shared a picture of Niall and Shawn Mendes and asked if they'll ever collaborate. Niall said, "We're going to try," but then Mendes said it's a deal and Niall said yes. After they solidified their new business venture, former 1D member Liam chipped in asking if he could play the triangle? So, with half of post-Zayn One Direction on board, it could be considered a reunion depending on how you look at it. Directioners may not be getting the OG 5, but we'll definitely take what we get.

(L-R) Recording artists Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction perform onstage on December 4, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

Directioners had also been receiving a lot of hints about the plans afoot starting in April itself. 

Louis joined Kyle and Jackie O earlier this April when he spoke about the possibility of the gang getting back together. Louis said that he definitely keeps in touch with the boys and they’re all very proud about each other succeeding in their solo careers. “And in terms of getting back together…at some point obviously,” Louis continued. “Like you know what I mean, we’ve got a lot of people that we owe it to really. So I think everyone’s on the same page now. We’re all just doing our own thing.” 

Then we have an interview with Capital FM, where Liam addressed the reactivation of 1D’s social channels, after the band’s official account reportedly liked one of his tweets celebrating One Direction’s fourth-consecutive win of Capital’s Best Fans competition — where Louis, Harry, Liam himself and Niall snatched the remaining top five places. “Oh, my... I mean, who was that? Did anybody sign off on it? Putting like an ‘L’? That wouldn’t make sense though, that could be me or Louis. We’d have to figure that one out,” Liam admitted when the presenters revealed the news to him.

This resurrection of their social media came long after there was briefly a concert listing for One Direction. Ticketmaster briefly showed a listing for December 31, 2020, at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. Although the listing was quickly taken down from Ticketmaster’s website,  fans also noticed it pop up on Spotify under the group’s upcoming shows.  The possible glitch happened to come around the same time as One Direction’s eighth anniversary. The band put out a new playlist on Spotify and tweeted about the group’s milestone. Given the timing and the new playlist, fans were sure there was a mystery to solve. 

And fans aren't the only ones who want a comeback. Simon Cowell, the judge from The X-Factor who brought them to stardom in the first place, thinks so too. When asked if the prominent singers of One Direction were destined to return to the same path, here's what Cowell said, "I just think the legacy is too big not to go back to at one point. Plus they have enough songs. I didn't realize how many hits they've had... When they do get back together it will be a huge event. But look, they're all doing their own thing and they're all being successful. But I have a feeling it will happen. I really do. I'd love it to happen." Now, Mr. Cowell's 'feelings' often turn to be successful, so what have fans got to lose?

 With all the boys rounded up, only Zayn seems to be silent. But fear not, in an interview with The Sunday Times back in 2016, he surprised everyone when he revealed that he may be open to a reunion. "I don't know," the singer told The Sunday Times. "If the time was right and that was the thing to do, then I would make that decision when it came around."  This may not be a complete Yes, but it is reassuring well enough. Now that everyone is on the same page, the inevitable reunion shouldn't be far away.


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