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Olivia Rodrigo's fans defend singer's note to Kim Kardashian, slam Swifties who trolled her: 'Grow up'

The loyal fans of Taylor Swift took to Twitter to cancel the 18-year-old songstress as they used 'snake' emoticons to express their anger
UPDATED MAY 26, 2021
Olivia Rodrigo sent Kim Kardashian a care package and Taylor Swift fans did not like it (Getty Images)
Olivia Rodrigo sent Kim Kardashian a care package and Taylor Swift fans did not like it (Getty Images)

Olivia Rodrigo, who is currently basking in the success of her debut album ‘Sour’, is one of the biggest fans of Taylor Swift and the latter’s fan base fondly known as Swifties admire Olivia for her love toward the acclaimed singer. However, things took a wild turn on the Internet after Olivia sent a personalized note to Kim Kardashian in order to promote her album ‘Sour’ and this did not go down well with the Swifties.

The loyal fans of Swift took to Twitter to cancel the 18-year-old songstress as they used “snake” emoticons to express their anger but soon Olivia’s fans took things in their stride and extended their support to the new teen pop star. Olivia’s fans slammed Swifties for trying to cancel the 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' star without any valid reason and soon ‘We Love You Olivia’ was trending on the micro-blogging site. For the unversed, Olivia and Swift met for the very first time at the recent Brit Awards after interacting online for several months.
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Olivia Rodrigo sends care package to Kim Kardashian

Olivia’s personalized note along with the care package of her debut album ‘Soul’ was shared by Kim on one of her Instagram stories and since the latter enjoys a massive fan following, it was bound to become a hot gossip. The hand-written note from the care package read, "Kim, thank you so much for supporting my music! it means the absolute world. I just adore you & I wanted to give you a few goodies to celebrate the release of my 1st album SOUR. Sending you & ur fam so much love." In addition to the note, the care package included lavender-themed clothes, candy, and a box of official Sour tissue signed by Olivia herself.  

Olivia's debut album 'Sour' was released on Friday, May 21, 2021. Songs from the album namely 'Drivers License', 'Deja Vu', and 'Good 4 U' were released prior to the album’s official release in order to create hype. The album was then dropped with eight new songs, including '1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back', the track that gives songwriting credits to Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff. The lead single, ‘Drivers License’ had debuted atop the Hot 100 propelling Rodrigo to mainstream success.



‘Even if Olivia is a Swiftie she doesn’t need your approval’

Looking at Swifties going mad on the Internet for Olivia’s sweet gesture toward Kim, a lot of social media users extended their support to the young crooner. One user said, “Olivia Rodrigo can act and promote her work and her art however she wants. That 18 yo girl is charting higher than all of your faves with her talent and hard work. Yes we swifties r a big support but NO we r not the REASON of her success. WE LOVE YOU OLIVIA."

One user asked, “Why are ppl mad olivia sent something to kim? Girly is just trying to promote her album leave her alone.” Another one tweeted, “I get that Olivia is a swiftie and that Taylor has publicly supported her but it’s annoying to see that swifties are claiming Olivia got famous because of Taylor. Like? Taylor hates when other people try to take credit for her career, right? What do you think she’d think of this?”
The next one posted, “Do u guys know that even if olivia is a swiftie she doesn’t need your approval right??? she’s trying to form her OWN fandom. the kim k thing was most definitely pr and it has nothing to do with taylor, not everything does,”  whereas, another pointed out, “Some swifties really think putting olivia through kinda similar stuff that taylor went through 5 years ago is a good idea.”  On the same lines, one said, “This is disgusting. Just because Olivia sent a pr package to Kim Kardashian people go and hate on Olivia. If you’re doing this, we don’t claim you in the swiftie or Liv fandom.” Echoing similar sentiments, one user concluded, “Swifties obviously did not make Olivia famous nor Kanye did Taylor. Its their music who made them famous. Taylor had to fight this kind of situation back then. So don't repeat it with a new generation artist who is clearly a talented person.”

Another explained: "Olivia Rodrigo is literally 17 and her team probably sent PR packages to many celebs with big platforms and grown ass people are flooding her comments with snake emojis trying to create random beef because Kim Kardashian got a package....please grow up and touch grass."