Olivia Munn trolled for showing too much cleavage while promoting No Kids Hungry campaign

Olivia Munn was promoting the No Kids Hungry campaign on social media when she was trolled for wearing a revealing outfit

                            Olivia Munn trolled for showing too much cleavage while promoting No Kids Hungry campaign
Olivia Munn (Source:Getty Images)

Olivia Munn is one of those brighter rays of sunshine in Hollywood who is known for always using her social media to promote positivity and awareness about social causes. However, her all sunshine and rainbows account is not entirely safe from internet trolls who like to go after people unnecessarily. As was clear on her recent Instagram post where she made an attempt to promote the No Kid Hungry campaign. The post backfired with Instagram users trolling her for doing the same while flaunting her ample cleavage.

Munn was just promoting a simple spatula she designed with Williams and Sonoma for the campaign when the trolls started shading her and dropping comments on the 38-year-old's Instagram video for the outfit of her choice — which happened to be a rather low cut top.

"Check out the new spatula I designed to support #WSNoKidsHungry! I put my little rescue pups Chance + Frankie on mine," Munn's clip was captioned. "As #rescuedogs they know what it's like to be hungry and not know where their next meal will come from. Each @williamssonoma spatula sold provides 30 meals for children in need. That's a lot of help for just one kitchen utensil," she added.

While her intentions may have been extremely kind and genuine, they were overshadowed as more and more fans and followers dropped by writing sleazy words in the comments section just because her breasts were sufficiently visible. Some of them were pretty much praying for a nip-slip too. Very mature indeed!

"Put a T shirt on," one of the more self-righteous ones wrote. And another 'smartypants' decided to point out: "Let's be real here. That's exactly what she wants you to look at. Why do you think she's chose such an awkward angle to film with a low cut top." 

Munn isn't the only celebrity to have her design plastered on the $14 cooking tool, joining the list that has Scarlett Johanson, Gwen Stefani, Kevin Bacon and Jesse Tyler Ferguson also contributing with their sketches. I's just saddening to see that her attempt at promoting a good cause was overshadowed by her followers who "missed what she was saying" because of her cleavage.