Ukrainian mother BURIES son, 6, killed hours after posing with flowers she'd plucked

Ukrainian mother BURIES son, 6, killed hours after posing with flowers she'd plucked
A heartbroken Ekaterina buries her six-year-old son who was killed in Russian bombardment (visegrad24/Twitter)

A heart-wrenching post shows an Ukrainian mother burying her six-year-old son after he was killed in a Russian attack on Lysychansk city in eastern Luhansk region. Oleg Kornievski was killed in eastern Ukraine amid heavy bombardment by Russian forces. Hours before the attack, Oleg was pictured posing with a bunch of flowers for his mother Ekaterina. She had freshly plucked the bunch of flowers that Oleg lovingly posed with for the camera.

Reports said he was hit by shrapnels right in front of their house. He was buried the next day by his traumatized mother. She was seen in pictures tending to the ground where Oleg was buried as she broke down into tears and prayed for her little one's soul.


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Little Oleg was one of the three people who lost their lives when Russians attacked the city with "massive bombardment". The area has been constantly attacked, while Severodonetsk on the opposite side of river Donets has seen the most severe combat on the street. It was reported that at least one other person was injured in the attack.


Luhansk regional governor Serhiy Haidai said a shopping center was burned down during one of the attacks. A nursery, a mine, some people's homes were also destroyed as a result of the attack. At least four were killed and seven were wounded in an airstrike on a civilian shelter on Thursday, June 16, as reported by Haidai. He also said that a separate airstrike hit the sanatorium building in the city and caused the entire building to collapse and caused even more casualties.

“There are likely people trapped under the rubble,” Haidai said of the second attack, adding a rescue was underway.


Media outlet Kyiv Independent tweeted, "Prosecutors: Russia’s war has killed at least 323 children in Ukraine since Feb. 24. More than 583 children have been injured, the Prosecutor General’s Office said on June 18." A user replied, "Exactly. I'm sure they're trying to keep track but figures don't ever seem to be posted. Also, does anyone say how many Ukrainians have been "relocated" to RU?"




Russian officials have said their forces are fighting for the "complete liberation" of the Donbas, which broadly refers to Ukraine's eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, where Russian-backed separatists held significant territory before the invasion.

Russia has made slow but significant advances in the east, and now controls over 90% of the Luhansk region. Russian forces seek to extend control in eastern city of Severodonetsk and are continuing to attack the north of Kharkiv city. The attack of Ukraine by Russia President Putin was met with world-wide condemnation, but the Russian strongman has not backed down. Rumors about his deteriorating health and disapproval of the attack by Russian elites have done the rounds, but has not deterred Kremlin from calling off its offensive against Ukraine.

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