Who was mystery 'older woman' with Brian Laundrie? Internet goes wild on speculations

Theories are pouring in about the identity of the 'older woman' accompanying Laundrie on September 14 when he purchased a cell phone, per CCTV footage

                            Who was mystery 'older woman' with Brian Laundrie? Internet goes wild on speculations
Brian Laundrie was reportedly spotted "with an older woman" inside a cell phone shop in Florida's North Port on September 14. (Instagram/@gabspetito)

NORTH PORT, FLORIDA: There have been numerous alleged sightings of Brian Laundrie, the prime suspect in Gabby Petito's death. A recent report said he was spotted "with an older woman" inside a cell phone shop in Florida's North Port on September 14, per CCTV footage cited by authorities. Now, theories are pouring in about who this 'older woman' could be.
TMZ learned that Laundrie, 23, had company when he visited the store on September 14 and purchased a cell phone. His parents reported him missing on September 17, claiming he went to a nearby nature reserve with his backpack but did not return. Fox News Digital visited an AT&T store in North Port this week, where they were told that the store could neither deny nor confirm whether it was the store the missing fugitive had reportedly visited. 


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The family attorney of the Laundries, Steven Bertolino, said sometime after Brian returned, the Laundries did buy a cell phone. However, he claimed not to know the exact date when the purchase was made. He said that Laundrie left the phone behind before he went missing and it is possibly in the FBI's possession now. Asked why the Laundries would buy a new phone, he said, "Sorry I can’t speculate." Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the FBI's Denver Field Office stated that information about an ongoing investigation cannot be shared.

FBI agents begin to take away evidence from the family home of Brian Laundrie, who is a person of interest after his fiancé Gabby Petito went missing on September 20, 2021, in North Port, Florida. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

This, however, did not stop the Internet from speculating the identity of the "older woman" who accompanied Laundrie to the store. "Wonder if this older woman was #brianlaundrie mother #RobertaLaundrie," one Twitter user wrote. "I can't almost hear it in @NancyGrace's voice: "BOMBSHELL..!!!" Wow! So Mommy Laundrie bought wittle Brian a get-away-phone. How Cindy Watts of her," another alleged. "Let me take one guess, the older woman is the mom and she helped him buy a burner phone the day he went on the run. Those parents have been lying about everything," a comment read.




Meanwhile, some others wondered whether the woman in question was Gabby Petito's friend Rose Davis, who has spoken to the media multiple times. "There’s this theory #GabbyPetito’s friend Rose that was first to talk to the press was #BrianLaundrie’s accomplice and TMZ doing its own research says AT&T surveillance has a woman with him she’s older than him which would even make sense #gabbypetitio #FreeSPM the Dog is in already?" one proposed. "Do you have any thoughts or is the Police having an Eye on Rose Davis? She looks suspicious! How did she arrive at Yellowstone? Why she never posted Gabby’s videos until now… was she in love with Gabs or #BrianLaundrie?" another chimed in.



MEAWW previously reported how Roberta Laundrie was accused of buying a burner phone to keep in touch with her son, who continues to be the prime suspect in Gabby Petito's homicide. The FBI has neither officially denied nor confirmed the claim, but family lawyer Bertolino asserted that the parents are not aware of their son's whereabouts.

“Chris and Roberta Laundrie do not know where Brian is,” Bertolino said in a statement. “They are concerned about Brian and hope the FBI can locate him.” “The speculation by the public and some in the press that the parents assisted Brian in leaving the family home or in avoiding arrest on a warrant that was issued after Brian had already been missing for several days is just wrong,” he added.