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Ohio State's ‘sex week’ abortion provider event divides students, slammed as 'pathetic'

As part of week-long celebrations, one event to thank abortion providers is causing particular concern despite the university's backing
A board at the Ohio State University (Ohio State University/Facebook)
A board at the Ohio State University (Ohio State University/Facebook)

Ohio State University's Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness (SASHA) is set to host its annual Sex Week between February 13 and 19 2022. As part of the weeklong celebrations, one particular event appears to have raised some concerns. The event in question is one targeted abortion providers, but not to attack them. Instead, the group wants to "thank them" for the "valuable work they do".

The event is raising eyebrows amongst conservatives after the Supreme Court recently sided with Texas, over its controversial abortion ban. The ruling means that several states are likely to follow suit, after years of slowly chipping away at Roe v Wade. Many Republicans have already declared Texas as a template for their own states, leading critics to worry Roe v Wade won't survive its 50th year. 


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Ohio too has cracked down hard on abortion, with Governor Mike DeWine signing a new law in December 2021, that went into effect from January 1, 2022. Although SASHA has not said that its event is directly meant as a rebuke of DeWine's move, the timing does appear to be more than a coincidence.

Anti-abortion demonstrators rally outside the US Supreme Court on November 01, 2021, in Washington, DC (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Ohio uni backs event

As part of 'Sex Week', SASHA is hosting 'Valentine's for Abortion Providers', on February 16 and 18 at the university. The website describes the event as "Meet SASHA in the Union on the 1st floor to help thank abortion providers in Ohio and Texas for the valuable work they do for reproductive rights!" It's unclear if the event is designed to raise funds for abortion providers. We've reached out to SASHA for comment and will update this story when we hear back. 

The President of SASHA backed the event in a statement to Fox. "Our organization emphasizes the constitutional right to safe abortion, however many do not share that belief. Because of this, many providers and their offices are often ridiculed for providing legal, affordable, safe healthcare. We feel they deserve appreciation, and should be reminded of the fact they are assisting our communities greatly," Sky Hart said. Hart added that attendees will create cards that will be mailed to abortion providers. 

The event is taking place with backing from Ohio State and is sponsored by the university's College of Social Work, College of Public Health, and Department of Women's Gender and Sexual Studies. The university's Council on Student Affairs has also funded the event, Fox reported. However, it is not without controversy. "It’s pathetic that schools are ignoring their mandate to educate students and instead act as though their real purpose is facilitating the parties. This is a great disservice to students. And a huge waste of money for parents," noted Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life.

'Prioritize education not indoctrination'

On social media too, the news has gathered some interest. "Wicked and ridiculous, I guess I won't have to worry about my kids attending Ohio State," one person tweeted. Another slammed, "This is absolutely immoral! Encourage free sex. Then encourage abortion in the unfortunate instance of a pregnancy. That's NOT what abortion should be used for!" One person said, "@OhioState⁩: Ur disgusting & I hope parents stop sending their kids 2 Ur “woke” non- learning school!"




"This proves that there are WAY TOO MANY leftist “departments” on that campus! Praising baby killers, yeah that’s great," one person tweeted. Another condemned, "Disappointing. Woke universities have no shame. Prioritize education not indoctrination." One person declared, "To liberals, babies are worthless ! ! ! May their souls rot in hell!"




Despite the widespread criticism, it seems the event is still scheduled to go ahead. Hart along with a few others has used the Fox story to promote the event on social media.