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Obnoxious passenger booted off flight for swearing at flight attendant and mocking his native accent

'Get me water you f*****g idiot,' the man yelled before threatening to push the flight attendant off the Singapore Airlines flight
The man was heard hurling expletives and threatening to push a flight attendant on a Singapore Airlines flight (truthseeker/twitter)
The man was heard hurling expletives and threatening to push a flight attendant on a Singapore Airlines flight (truthseeker/twitter)

CHANGI, SINGAPORE: An obnoxious passenger was escorted off a Singapore Airlines flight on Tuesday, November 8, for behaving very rudely with a male flight attendant and mocking his native accent.

A video fo the incident captures an unidentified man with bleached blonde hair and a baseball cap arguing with a male SIA crew member on flight SQ711, which had just landed at Changi Airport after a two-and-a-half hour flight from Bangkok to Singapore. In the video, the man can be seen hurling expletives at the flight attendant while asking for some water, as per Daily Mail.


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The passenger even threatened to push the crew member over. He even mocked the Asian flight attendant’s accent by mimicking his replies as the man tried to placate him. The passenger claimed that he had been repetitively asking for water for two hours. "You think I'm going to listen, right? Why don't you get me water you f*****g idiot? Get me water," the passenger is heard yelling on the video.


"F*** off, I'm not interested, do you think I'm interested in your f***ing call," he went on, adding, "F*** off because I'm going to push you over. Get some water. I asked for water for two hours, you're defending them. After two hours I get water, wow." In another video of the incident, the passenger was seen demanding "mineral water" from two other cabin crew and he even drew out the word "mineral."

It was only when the police officers escorted the misbehaving passenger off the flight, prompting a round of applause from other passengers, who were completely annoyed with his behavior. A co-passenger, who recorded the incident, said, "This crazy passenger threatened to push over the Singapore Airlines crew if he did not give him water. The seat belt sign was still on and he was supposed to be seated. He wasted all the passengers' time while the ground staff and security took him off the plane."

A Singapore Airlines spokesman reportedly said that the man had been "behaving in an unruly manner during the meal service." "After his multiple requests for alcohol, our cabin crew assessed the situation and politely declined to serve him alcohol to ensure the safety of the other customers on board the flight. The safety of our customers and staff is always our top priority. SIA apologizes to all customers on board the flight for the inconvenience caused by this incident," the spokesman added.

In a similar incident in October, a passenger was kicked out of a flight for yelling at cabin crew while arguing with them The man claimed there was an altercation between the cabin crew and his wife that left his wife in tears on a video taken by another passenger.